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Where can you go dog sledding in France?

From the Alps to the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, explore France by sled dog and enjoy a magical adventure in the heart of nature!

Where to Go Dog Sledding in Lapland?

Dog sledding in Lapland is one of the region’s most popular and thrilling activities. Discover the best spots for your winter adventure.

Top 7 Things to Do in Saariselkä

Explore Finland's Arctic wilderness at its best and discover the best things to do in Saariselkä, from dog sledding to ice fishing.

Top 10 Things to Do in Levi

Levi is not only home to Finland’s largest ski resort but also an incredible place to experience the Arctic nature.

What to do in the Laurentians in winter?

Discover the activities not to be missed in the Laurentians in winter! From zip-lining to dog sledding.

Top 8 Places to Spot the Northern Lights in Scandinavia

All the best locations in Scandinavia for witnessing the Northern Lights, with exciting activities to try!

5 Reasons You Should Try Reindeer Sledding

For family fun, an arctic adventure and a magical way to travel through snow-covered Nordic landscapes beneath the northern lights, try reindeer sledding.

Snowmobiling in Tromsø: All You Need To Know

Snowmobiling in Tromsø is the best way to explore the Arctic wilderness including mountains & frozen lakes.

Where to go Dog Sledding in Europe?

Check out the best spots for Dog Sledding in Europe. Head to stunning arctic landscapes of Lapland or snowy forests in Andorra and France.

Q&A on Dog Sledding in Andorra with Mushing Pirineus

Mushing Pirienus answers all your questions about Dog Sledding in Andorra. What itineraries are there?

The Best Travel and Adventure Podcasts (in French)

Ready to travel just by closing your eyes? Let yourself be carried away by our selection of the best French adventure podcasts.

7 Best Indie Outdoor Sports Video Games

Here's a list of 7 indie outdoor sports video games for you to enjoy! From snowmobile to dog sledding games - this list will give you street cred!

Dog sledding in Tromsø: All you need to know

A surreal experience to have as you explore Arctic wilderness, read this blog to know all you need to about dog sledding in Tromsø.

Top 6 Things To Do In Kiruna

Discover our top 6 things to do in Kiruna to explore its arctic, wild nature! The Northernmost Swedish town offers great outdoor activities.

5 Best Dog Sledding Movies Ever Made

Check out the 5 best dog sledding movies ever made. If you love dog sledding, or even just love dogs, check out these movies now!

3 Activities with Stress- Relief and Health Benefits

Discover the 3 Activities with Stress Relief and Health Benefits. Why not do activities that are both fun and good for you, too.

Best Activities to Try in Tromsø, Norway

In this article we will showcase some of the best activities to do in Tromsø. The list includes price ranges, peak season, activity description and more!

Top 10 Outdoor Activities to Gift This Christmas!

What better time to give outdoor activities as a gift to your loved ones than Christmas? Gift someone the joy of bungee jumping or skydiving this Christmas!

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Sledding

Check out this article to learn everything you want to know about dog sledding! Navigate the snow-covered valleys by sled for a magical experience.

This Christmas, give the gift of Sensations Fortes!

Looking for an original and unusual gift? This year, give the gift of unforgettable experiences and thrills for Christmas!

Top 10 Mountain-Based Activities if You're Not a Fan of Skiing

When it comes to a mountain retreat there are some things we can all agree on, raclette, snow fights, novelty jumpers and a big log fire.

Top Adventure Activities to do as a Couple

From skydiving to shark diving, discover adrenalin-pumping thrill activities to do for couples.