Where can you go dog sledding in France?

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Want to discover mushing? Check out our selection of spots to organise your next sled dog holiday in France!

When you think of sled dogs, you probably think of destinations like Lapland or Canada. But even though mushing originated in the polar regions, the sport has now spread all over the world. And there are plenty of places to go dog-sledding in France. All you need for a magical winter experience is snow, sled dogs and a musher! In fact, snow isn't even essential, as huskies still need to exercise outside the winter season. In summer or autumn, you can go cani-karting and ride along the dirt tracks pulled by the dogs!

If you're looking for an original way to explore France's natural landscapes and you love animals, then dog sledding should be just what you're looking for. From the Alps to the Pyrenees, explore the wilderness while discovering this ancient means of transport and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

So where can you go dog-sledding in France? Here are a few ideas to help you plan your next trip.

Le Mourtis in the Pyrenees

Guided dog sledding excursion in Le Mourtis, Pyrenees
Le Souffle Nordique

The Pyrenees offer a sublime setting for discovering dog sledding in France. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and valleys of unspoilt nature, you'll experience a real moment of disconnection. Our sled dog activity at Le Mourtis is an experience accessible to children aged 3 and over, and you can be a passenger as well as a driver! So there's something for everyone!

Le Mourtis is a small, family-friendly ski resort located 1? hours from Toulouse and 3 hours from Bordeaux, at the gateway to the Val d'Aran, not far from Bagnères-de-Luchon. With a professional musher, you can explore the trails in the heart of the forest and discover the unique sensations of a dog-sleigh ride in the Pyrenees. To add a touch of originality to your experience, you can even choose to do it at night.

La Mongie in the Pyrenees

Dog sledding excursion in La Mongie, Pyrenees
No Speed Limit

You can also go dog-sledding in the Pyrenees at La Mongie, near Bagnères-de-Bigorre. There, you'll be welcomed by professional mushers who will share their passion for this sport with you. Your dog-sledding excursion in La Mongie will start at the bottom of the Pic du Midi cable car, then cross the resort to climb below the Col du Tourmalet. The perfect opportunity to admire the surrounding snow-capped mountains, in particular the Pic du Midi, La Mongie and the Grand Tourmalet ski area! What's more, this sled dog excursion in La Mongie is accessible from the age of 3, making it the ideal activity for discovering sled dogs with children.

If your stay in La Mongie is not in winter, you can also take a cani-kart trip to the Col des Palomières. Located around 30 minutes' drive from the resort of La Mongie, the Col des Palomières rises to an altitude of 810 metres and offers a 360° panoramic view of the Baronnies, as well as a majestic glimpse of the Pic du Midi. If you want to go cani-karting in the Pyrenees, don't hesitate to book this activity!

Avoriaz in the Northern Alps

Introduction to sled dog driving in Avoriaz, Portes du Soleil
Sleigh Adventure

Dog sledding in the Alps is a great way to immerse yourself in the unspoilt nature of Avoriaz in the Portes du Soleil ski area. If you're planning a holiday in Haute-Savoie this winter, sled dogs can be a great way to enjoy the snow in a different way from skiing!

The great thing about sled dogs is that you can be a driver as well as a passenger. If you want to steer the sled, you can learn to do so during this introduction to sled dog driving in Avoriaz. Accompanied by a professional musher, you'll take charge of your team and learn to steer the sled like a real musher. If you'd like to add a sporting aspect to your sled dog excursion in the Alps, then an introduction to sled dog driving is for you! In this activity, only children can be passengers.

Les Bouchoux in the Jura

Sled dogs at Les Bouchoux in the Jura
Nordik Jura

The Jura is another great place to go dog-sledding in France. Thanks to its terrain, which is particularly well-suited to multi-day sled treks, the Jura even hosts sled dog races at La Pesse and the Les Rousses resort. If you'd like to find out more about sled dog trekking, you can also take a first sled dog ride!

Exploring the peaks and lakes of the Jura by sled dog offers you an experience in contact with nature and animals. In Bois-d'Amont, Morbier, Les Bouchoux or Lamoura, you'll find plenty of enthusiastic service providers who can welcome you into their kennels. With family or friends, you can choose to take a first ride and simply admire the scenery from your sleigh. If you want to learn the basics of mushing, you can also enjoy a more sporting experience and steer the carriage yourself, always under the supervision of a professional.

Chastreix in the Massif Central

Sledge dogs in the Massif du Sancy

The lakes, forests, meadows and mountains of the Massif Central await you for your next dog-sledding adventure in France! The Massif Central covers 85,000 km2 and encompasses four regions and 22 départements. Its landscapes are diverse, and among its 11 regional nature parks, you're bound to find some unspoilt spots ideal for a sledging excursion.

For example, you can go dog-sledding in the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park, departing from La Bourboule, Chastreix or Super-Besse. In the Aubrac Regional Nature Park, you can go dog-sledding in Laguiole. Or take a trip from Blond, in the Périgord-Limousin regional nature park. Don't hesitate to discover dog sledding in the Massif Central, where a variety of excursions await you!

The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

Sled dogs in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel
Association Les huskys De La Baie

A unique sled dog activity in France, the first sled dog ride in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is an activity reserved for children. In a unique setting, your children can discover sled dogs in France, while admiring one of the country's most famous landmarks!

This dog-sleigh ride in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is offered by Didier, a former professional musher. Today, he offers this beach sledding activity as founder and president of the association"Les Huskies de la Baie". He is a volunteer, as is Françoise, the association's communications secretary.

To give children the chance to experience the sled dog experience, the equipment is adapted to the terrain of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel: it's a "beach sled". This sled is made up of a chassis with wheels that can be used to carry a child sitting in a seat.

If you are interested in this activity, please note that bookings can only be made by text message to Didier on, 1 month before each school holiday. At the end of the activity, you and your children can share a cuddly moment with these adorable huskies!

The forest of Fontainebleau near Paris

Sled dogs in the Fontainebleau forest
Evasion Canine

And yes, it is indeed possible to discover the activity of sled dogs near Paris! Although it's not a winter experience but a cani-kart, it's still a great way to share a moment with enthusiastic dogs in the great outdoors!

The Fontainebleau forest is a must for outdoor enthusiasts near Paris. This unspoilt area boasts a wide variety of landscapes: surprising rocks, ponds, stretches of sand, all set in a lush forest! Dog sledding in the forest of Fontainebleau is a totally unusual way to explore this area of greenery! As well as a go-kart experience pulled by a pack of dogs, you can also try your hand at driving your own team, cani-cross or cani-rando.

As you will have realised, dog sledding is not a sport that can only be practised in winter or in the mountains! This activity is an opportunity to discover all kinds of landscapes, whatever the season.

Sled dog trekking in France gives you the chance to experience mushing in contact with the dogs, as well as visiting the 4 corners of the country in an original way. So what are you waiting for? Set off to meet passionate mushers and enjoy dog sledding in France all year round! From your sled, you'll be able to admire the diversity of the French countryside, giving you plenty of variety for your outings!