Itinerary for the best outdoor activities in Sicily

Home to mesmerizing beaches, turquoise waters, pine forests and the most active volcano in Europe, Sicily is the perfect place for incredible adventures. Find the most exciting activities to make your trip memorable. Discover Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean!

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is known for its rich history, stunning landscapes and unique culinary traditions. Thanks to its warm climate, you can explore Sicily all year round, making it the best place for all types of adventures. Get ready for relaxing boat tours, sporty hikes and thrilling tandem paragliding flights. Read our itinerary for the best outdoor activities to discover Sicily!

1. MTB tour in Palermo

Mountain Biking Tour up Monte Pellegrino

Start your trip with an amazing mountain biking experience in Palermo. Known for its rich history and fascinating architecture, Palermo is the capital of the island. Stretching between the sea and a little mountain range, Palermo is the perfect place for a mountain biking adventure. Cycling is one of the most popular activities in Sicily, even for the locals! Wear your helmet, get on your MTB and cycle up Monte Pellegrino with a local guide. Once you've pedalled through the pine forest, you’ll reach the summit of the mountain and enjoy an amazing view of the city.

2. Tandem Paragliding in Cefalù

Tandem Paragliding in Cefalù
Sicily Paragliding

Cefalù is one of the most charming cities on the northern coast. Only a 1 hour drive from Palermo, Cefalù is home to beautiful beaches. If you want to get a 360° view of its landscapes, this tandem paragliding flight over Cefalù is one of the best things to do in Sicily. Fly above the city and admire the blue waters for 15 minutes before landing by the shore. Get a healthy dose of adrenaline as you glide with a professional pilot!

3. Snorkelling in San Vito Lo Capo

Snorkelling in San Vito Lo Capo
Primero Srl

San Vito Lo Capo is a small town by the coast, whose shores and cliffs will take your breath away. If you are a nature lover with a soft spot for swimming, this snorkelling adventure in San Vito Lo Capo is exactly what you need. Wear your mask, put your fins on and dive into the waters with a local guide. Thanks to its rich seabed, snorkelling is one of the best activities in Sicily. Explore the underwater world of the northern coast and spot fish and octopuses amongst the seaweed.

4. Boat Tour in Aegadian Islands

Boat Tour to the Egadi Islands
Mare and More

Sicily is surrounded by smaller islands, islets and volcanoes. The Aegadian Islands are a tiny, but stunning archipelago off the western coast. Easily reachable from Trapani, a relaxing boat tour to the Aegadian Islands is undoubtedly one of the most memorable things to do in Sicily. Take a full day to wind down and explore these gorgeous islands. Sail through the transparent waters and dive in for a swim.

5. Quad Safari in Sciacca

Quad Biking Tour in Sciacca
BG Racing

If you are a fan of off-road adventures with friends, this quad safari tour in Sciacca is exactly what you need. Sciacca is a town on the western coast, located only 40 minutes from Agrigento. Thanks to its forests and fields, quad biking is a must-do outdoor activity in Sicily. Explore Sciacca’s surroundings and admire its beautiful coastline with a local guide.

6. Fishing in Agrigento

Fishing Boat Tour near Agrigento
William McAllister / Pexels

Fishing is one of the most fun experiences you can have whilst visiting Sicily. Perfectly designed for beginners, this fishing boat tour in Agrigento welcomes explorers who want to learn about Sicily’s marine life. You’ll have the opportunity to fish early in the morning with a professional guide, just off the coast of Agrigento. The small group nature of this activity will allow you to learn in an intimate and friendly environment.

7. Dolphin Watching in Lampedusa

Dolphin Boat Tour in Lampedusa
Sapore di Mare Lampedusa

Lampedusa is a small island, located off the southernmost point of Italy. To reach Lampedusa, you can either take the ferry from Porto Empedocle in Sicily or fly in from an Italian airport. Thanks to its remote location and unspoiled marine landscape, Lampedusa is home to large groups of dolphins. If you’re wondering what to do in Sicily, this dolphin boat tour in Lampedusa is your chance to take a closer look at these adorable animals!

8. Boat Tour to Ortigia Island, Syracuse

Boat Tour to Ortigia, Siracusa
18 Isola Bella

If you are spending a day in Syracuse, after visiting the city and tasting its delicious delicacies, why not join a boat tour to Ortigia Island? Located only a few meters from the coast, off Syracuse Gulf, Ortigia is a small island, home to a lovely town. Sail along the coast with a professional skipper towards Ortigia Island and admire Syracuse from the sea. Thanks to this boat tour you’ll explore the island and its hidden sea caves, named Grotte Marine. You can even hop on the boat at dawn to appreciate the sun setting on the sea!

9. Snorkelling in the Cyclopean Isles

Snorkelling around the Cyclopean Isles
DNA Divers

Next on the must-try activities in Sicily is snorkelling in the Cyclopean Isles. Not far from Mount Etna, the Cyclopean Isles are of volcanic origin. The colourful biodiversity and lava stones create a unique and stunning natural landscape. Whether you're an experienced snorkeller or a beginner, you’ll love swimming and exploring the Cyclopean Isles.

10. Hiking Tour on Mount Etna

Hiking Tour up Mount Etna
Etna Est

When travelling to Sicily, Mount Etna is a must-see destination. Thanks to guided hiking tours on Mount Etna you can discover the majestic beauty of the most active volcano in Europe. Along with a certified volcanic guide, you’ll hike up the summit by crossing black-sanded deserts and pine forests. Mount Etna’s volcanic activity makes hiking one of the most exciting outdoor activities in Sicily!

11. River Trekking in the Alcantara Gorges

River Trekking in the Alcantara Gorges
Sicilia Adventure

The Alcantara Gorges is a volcanic canyon next to Mount Etna and it is home to some of the most thrilling outdoor activities in Sicily. If you are seeking a fun-filled adventure, river trekking in the Alcantara Gorges is perfect for you. Explore this fascinating location along with a professional mountain guide! Descend the river and discover this canyon, known for its steep black walls and cold waters.

12. Scuba Diving in the Aeolian Islands

Scuba Diving in the Aeolian Islands
Diving Center La Gorgonia

You cannot leave the island before trying scuba diving, one of the most exciting activities in Sicily. Located off the northern coast, the Aeolian Islands is an archipelago of 8 beautiful islands and islets. The warm weather and the remote location make the Aeolian Islands an amazing scuba diving destination. Whether you are a beginner or a certified diver, the beauty of its marine life will astound you. Explore Lipari, the largest island, and collect unique memories with your friends!

As you can see, Sicily is home to amazing landscapes, making it the perfect place for outdoor adventures. Whether you are looking for a memorable adventure with your friends, a solo travelling experience or a romantic getaway, Sicily will not disappoint you. Which one of these incredible outdoor activities will you try in Sicily? It’s time to plan your trip to make it one to remember!

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