Thrilling activities around Mount Etna

Is there anything more exciting than exploring an active volcano with a local guide? Get ready for a lifetime experience and discover Mount Etna, the tallest volcano in Europe and explore its majestic landscape thanks to these thrilling activities!

Mount Etna is located on the eastern side of Sicily, near Catania. With a current height of 3357 m, it is the tallest volcano in Europe. The volcano stands between the sea and the land, creating a dramatic scenery. Known for its volcanic activity, Mount Etna offers a fascinating landscape, including a large pine forest and a black-sand desert, allowing explorers of all kinds to live incredible adventures. From sporty hikes to inspiring helicopter tours, read on to discover the best activities on Mount Etna!

1. Guided Hike to Mount Etna

Hiking on Mount Etna
Guide Vulcanologiche Etna Nord

Nothing gives you an authentic experience of the volcano better than a good guided hike. With a local and professional guide, you’ll explore Mount Etna from 2500 m to 3000 m high, reaching the highest point allowed by law. The volcano is part of the Etna National Park, an extended area aiming to protect the unique flora and fauna. Thanks to your guide, you’ll safely explore the volcano and learn lots of geological fun facts. Mount Etna is active and, if luck is on your side, you’ll admire the infamous smoke line coming off its craters. Join this guided hike on Mount Etna and don’t forget to bring a hat!

2. Caving Excursion in Grotta dei Tre Livelli

Caving in Grotta dei Tre Livelli
Sicilia Adventure

One of the most thrilling activities on Mount Etna is definitely caving. Not many people know that Mount Etna is home to very large caves. The most popular one, called Grotta dei Tre Livelli is renowned for its numerous levels. Located on the southern flank of the volcano, this cave is the longest lava tube extending for over 1150 metres. Unlike the name suggests, this cave has at least 5 different levels! Adequately geared up and accompanied by an experienced mountain guide, you’ll explore the cave for around 3 hours. If you are looking for a good dose of adrenaline, this caving excursion on Mount Etna is perfect for you!

3. Jeep Tour on Mount Etna

Jeep Tour on Mount Etna

Did you know that some hidden spots of the volcano are only reachable by Jeep? Take the unique chance of visiting Mount Etna on a Jeep Tour with a local guide and discover its rich variety of flora and fauna. What makes this tour special is that you get to drive a jeep and carry up to 3 passengers with you. Your guide will be driving in front of you, all you have to do is follow them! During the ride, you’ll reach the forest and get off your Jeep for a refreshing walk through old-growth pines. As you drive uphill, you’ll get to visit craters and old and new lava flows. Equipped with helmets flashlights and a guide by your side, you’ll have the chance to visit an old lava cave!

4. Horseback riding up Mount Etna

Horseback Riding on Mount Etna
Scuderie Ardichetto

There’s nothing better than enjoying a relaxing horseback ride through the forest up the mountain. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, this horseback riding excursion on Mount Etna will not leave you dissatisfied. A friendly instructor will guide you through the forest near Etna National Park. And for the little ones, there’s also a pony riding and farm visit. If you and your family are spending the holidays in Sicily, this might be one of the best activities on Mount Etna to immerse yourself in nature and appreciate the beauty of the island from a different perspective. Horseback riding through the forest, with the volcano on your back will give you unforgettable family memories.

5. Electric Mountain Bike Tour

Mountain Biking Tour on Mount Etna
Sicilia Adventure

If you are a nature lover looking for a challenge, this electric MTB excursion up Mount Etna is perfect for you. Along with a local and professional guide, you’ll cross the forest and go up the mountain discovering old off-road tracks. You’ll reach 1950 m in altitude and do almost a full tour of the volcano, riding for 60 km. From the southern to the northern flank, you’ll get a pretty unique view of Mount Etna and its dramatic scenery. Explore old lava flows and hidden caves, only reachable by MTB. The track is pretty demanding, so pack your water bottle and get ready for a steep ride!

6. Scenic helicopter flight

Helicopter flight over Mount Etna

If you want to get a 360° view of the volcano, you cannot miss this helicopter flight over Mount Etna. During this 30-minute ride, you'll soar to 3,500 m high and get vistas of Calabria and The Aeolian Islands too! Get onboard a top-notch AS 350 helicopter designed for 5 passengers and fly to the northern side and admire the craters, the typical black sand desert, and the pine forest. Before landing, you’ll also get a sneak pic of Catania and the gorgeous Taormina. If you are not afraid of heights and you’re looking for a lifetime ride, get on one of the most fascinating activities on Mount Etna!

7. Quad biking tour on Mount Etna

Quad Biking Tour
Sicilia Quad

One of the best activities around Mount Etna is a fun-filled quad biking exploration. Thanks to this off-road adventure you’ll discover Etna National Park, including the volcano and the infamous Alcantara Gorges. Open to beginners, this quad biking tour on Mount Etna is the perfect combination of adventure and exploration. A local guide will be leading you through forest paths, countryside roads, and torrents. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can drive a quad bike, no experience is required. Your guide will show you how to drive safely and every driver can carry one passenger. Enjoy a half-day ride around the Volcano and get exclusive views!

8. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing on Mount Etna
Etna Est

Yes, you read it right! Europe’s tallest volcano is not only a summer destination but can be experienced in winter as well. Thanks to this snowshoeing tour on Mount Etna you can explore the volcano covered by snow! Accompanied by a mountain guide, you’ll discover the volcano from a whole new perspective. This snowshoeing trip will start at 2000 m high and lasts 3 hours, allowing you to soak in this magical winter scenery. You and your guide will also enjoy a restoring break at a mountain hut and taste some delicious hot chocolate and desserts! If you are thinking of visiting Sicily during winter time, you cannot miss this exclusive and fun-filled activity on Mount Etna!

Mount Etna

Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano is the place to be for adventurers seeking thrilling experiences. You can visit the volcano and the national park all year round, depending on your preferences. From hidden caves to pine forests, black-sanded deserts, and snow-covered picks in winter, Mount Etna keeps amazing and inspiring its visitors. Discover many more activities around Mount Etna and the Etna National Park!

Right next to Mount Etna, there’s a canyon that originated from lava, the Alcantara Gorges. Make the most of your time in Sicily, check out the best activities to explore the Alcantara Gorges!