The Best Canyoning Spots in Reunion Island

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If there is one activity that you absolutely must try on Reunion Island, it is canyoning! You are tempted, but you don't know the best spots? No problem, we are here to guide you and give you all the information you need. Let's take a closer look at the best canyoning spots in Reunion Island - from the most accessible to the most challenging!

With a surface area of only 2,512 km2 in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is a veritable Mecca for canyoning, as the island is full of spots dedicated to the practice: more than 70 equipped canyons, 131 kilometres of courses and a positive vertical drop of 28,000 metres. An important advantage is that canyoning can be practised all year round in Reunion, with water temperatures varying between 10-14° in winter and 18-20° in summer. Here is our selection!

The Langevin River

The Rivière Langevin, located in the south of Reunion Island, is one of the most popular water sports. On the programme, a succession of small waterfalls, slides and jumps of up to 8 metres and an abseiling of up to 12 metres, within the Ti Grain Galet canyon. Accessible to beginners and families since children have access to it, this canyoning is ideal to discover the joys of this sport and to enjoy the wonderful landscapes.

With a 2 minute approach walk and a 5 minute return walk, and a canyoning time of about 3 hours, get ready to work your body, jump (jumps are not compulsory at Langevin) and have a lot of fun! Although it is accessible all year round, the best time to canyon on the Langevin River is from May to January.

Canyoning on the Langevin River in Reunion Island

The Sainte-Suzanne Canyon

Located in the north-east of the island in the commune of the same name, the Sainte-Suzanne Canyon is an aquatic course suitable for all, including families and beginners. In the collective imagination, canyoning may seem extreme but some canyons are perfect for getting into the activity, and this is the case in Sainte-Suzanne. You will do a series of abseils, jumps (from 5 to 12m, optional), swimming and a large tyrolean traverse of 35 metres, in a succession of eight pools and supervised by reputed professionals. Everything you need to have fun while doing sports! Note that the approach walk lasts only two minutes. Count on two and a half hours of descent, this canyoning activity being open from 8 years old.

If you are looking for a more sportive adventure you can try the second part of the canyon, called Sainte Suzanne intégral. It requires a certain physical condition due to the length of the canyon. In particular, a day is needed to complete this section.

Canyoning Sainte-Suzanne Reunion Island

The Yellow Flower Canyon

The Fleur Jaune Canyon is located near Cilaos, in the centre of Reunion Island. If you are a thrill seeker, you have come to the right place! This very popular canyon has many assets for experiencing exhilarating sensations. Some people even describe it as the "pearl of Reunion's canyons", as there is such a wide range of activities.

A pearl accessible to all those who have a minimum of physical condition, and who are not excessively afraid of heights! The programme for this canyon includes 7 abseils, one of which is 55 metres long (!!), but the beginnings are ideal: a succession of four pools and abseils with slides from 12 to 20 metres. Halfway through the course, the 55m abseiling will be an impressive but purely enjoyable moment. The canyon ends with abseils of 35m and 20m. Expect to spend 2.5 to 4 hours in the canyon, and above all to get a good look at it! So, are you ready to accept the challenge of the 55m abseil?

Canyoning Fleur Jaune Reunion Island

Bras Rouge Canyon

Atypical canyon with its famous red flows, Bras Rouge is located in the cirque of Cilaos near the Piton des Neiges, the highest point of Reunion Island with its 3070 meters of altitude. Another very popular canyon among activity lovers, Bras Rouge offers a busy and fun programme. The entry into the canyon is done by a dry abseil of 25 metres, then a "watered" abseil of 25 metres leading to the foot of a 70 metre waterfall. Here again, the canyoning aficionados will have a great time, between big slides, jumps, abseils and beautiful landscapes. Epic!

The Bras Rouge Canyon requires a minimum of physical fitness and children are allowed from 12 years old. After the first part of the course and after a picnic you have the possibility to go out by a small stop to join the car park. Or, for those who are motivated, you can continue on the entire Bras Rouge.

Trou Blanc Canyon

Attention, star canyon! The Trou Blanc Canyon is a "must do" in Reunion Island, located vertically to the Piton des Neiges, in the Salazie cirque. At Trou Blanc, you will enjoy an abundance of slides and jumps, enough to delight the most athletic and adventurous among you! Reputed to be the most fun canyon on the island, Trou Blanc is THE canyon for sensations on Reunion Island, with its ten or so slides (including the famous "particle accelerator") and a final zip line 20 metres high and 35 metres long.

Don't panic if you are not completely at ease, you can always pass the obstacles at your own pace and avoid the jumps. The canyon remains accessible to all. A technically easy canyon and ideal to vibrate, to receive its share of sensations and to share a nice moment.

Canyon Trou Blanc Reunion Island

The Takamaka

Another must-see, the Takamaka, is to be reserved for the connoisseurs of canyoning! Very sporty and very complete, this canyon offers a succession of (long) slides, abseils and jumps to be done in one day. It is located on the high plateaus of Reunion Island. A very good physical condition is necessary!

Le Trou-de-Fer

A technical and very long canyon, Trou-de-Fer is to be reserved for experienced canyoning enthusiasts, ready to embark on a real expedition, that is the word. On the menu, two days of effort and pleasure, in an extraordinary setting in the heart of Reunion Island. The abseiling in the Trou-de-Fer, the sensations of emptiness and XXL verticality, such are the ingredients of this canyoning to be reserved, once again, for experienced sportsmen!

The Yellow Flower Canyon in its entirety

Ready to spend hours in a canyon? The Fleur Jaune Intégrale is made for you, with its many slides, its final abseil of 95m and its zip lines, then an exit walk in rando mode! Extreme canyoning that will please the most adventurous...

Beginner or experienced, child or adult, slide or abseil, half day or full day, on Reunion Island you will find the canyoning experience that suits you. And no matter which canyon you choose, you are sure to have an unforgettable time in a magnificent and wild nature! Discover all our canyoning activities on Reunion Island.