Outdoor activities to do in Omis for adventurers

The city of Omis (Omiš), located in the Dalmatia region of Croatia, is also known as “the Pirate city” due to the fact that in the 12th and 13th centuries, piracy was a spread type of economy. Omis Pirates have been the most powerful pirates in the Mediterranean Sea and this history marks the town until today. That’s why among the many activities to do in Omis, a pirate and music festival is organized in the city center every year.

The city is characterized by a variegated nature, with beaches, bays, the Cetina River, and the nearby mountains. The Cetina River meets the Adriatic Sea with a lot of cliffs in the west and south of the city. The mountain Dinara connects with the mountain Biokovo, the second-highest mountain range in Croatia.

Omis attracts many tourists for its history, singing festivals to celebrate the city, and for the different landscapes, which are a great possibility to enjoy different outdoor adventures in the sea, canyons, mountains and the Cetina river.

In this article, we suggest to you some summer activities to do in Omis while you are enjoying your next Croatian adventure!

1- Ziplining over the Cetina River

If you spark of adrenaline, one of the many unmissable outdoor activities to do in Omis is for sure Ziplining over the beautiful canyon of the Cetina river. This adventure is composed of 8 steel wires strained across the canyon which will be descended with the help of a harness.

At a height of 150m above ground (directly go to the 2nd activity if you suffer from vertigo…) the longest wire is 700m long and our instructors will guide you through the whole path.

Get ready to immerse yourself in amazing vegetation, and whizz over wide forests, Cetina river and its canyons for 3 hours. The meeting point will be in the zip lining polygon near Cetina river’s canyon.

2- Rafting down the Cetina River

Rafting on the Cetina River is probably the best-known activity to do in Omis – for a good reason! Cetina river, rising from a spring at Milasevo near a small village called Cetina is known to be the most water-rich river in the area.

If it’s your first time rafting, you will be able to learn basic techniques on when to pull strong and when to hold tight while you will go down the River with your raft and a team of a total of 4 to maximum 8 rafters, including the instructor. But also for experienced rafters, this excursion is worth it, as you will discover beautiful waterfalls and a hidden 40 meters cave (this cave might however be inaccessible in spring or late autumn, in which case an alternative path will be chosen). Mind that ability to swim is required!

3- Kayaking on the Cetina River

For those who are looking for a more calm excursion, there’s no need to renounce the beautiful landscape of the area. Just gokayaking on the Cetina River, which will be a mix of peace and fun admiring a stunning fauna.

After a short introduction, you will get the chance to kayak until the river connect with the crystal clear Adriatic sea, where you will also swim and snorkel. While snorkeling with the equipment furnished by us you will be able to discover a shipwreck sunk in 3 meters of sea depth.

4- Via Ferrata high over Omis

Here’s to all mountain lovers: Discover this absolutely breathtaking via ferrata in Omis. All along with the excursion and on the top, you’ll enjoy amazing and unique views of the city, river and sea, experience some adrenaline, vertical jumps and climbs.

After a briefing about the activity, you will hike, always with a guide, until reaching a chapel which would be your starting point of the via Ferrata. Do not forget to immortalize the view over the Cetina River, Omis and the Adriatic Sea as soon as you will reach the top.

5- Rock climbing on the cliffs of the Cetina River Canyon

Omis offers many routes for rock climbers eager to take part in an adventure full of adrenaline, technical challenges and great surroundings. Around the Cetina River canyon, about 300 climbing routes are counted with different levels of difficulty.

The climbing excursion we suggest will let you climb up to 30 meters where you’ll enjoy a breathtaking view of the city of Omis, the blue Adriatic Sea and the canyon of Cetina. You will be ready to start your 3 hours of activity after an introduction to the basics and supply of the necessary equipment! Mind that people at all levels are welcome to attend the activity with our professional guides and furnished equipment.

6- Learn Windsurfing in Omis

Thanks to the numerous beaches and consistent wind, Omis is the best destination for a windsurf activity in Croatia. The windsurfing camp is located on Omis beach and the professional instructors will teach you how to pull a sail, how to gain balance on the board and how to follow the Mediterranean and the Mistral wind.

Based on your previous level and your personal goals, you can choose from either a 3 hours, 5 hours or 10 hours package of windsurfing courses which can be split over several days. Thanks to this experience, you will finally learn how to master windsurf basics.

7- Canyoning on the Cetina River

Last but not least, Canyoning is an activity that combines hiking, sliding down the rapids, swimming in clear water pools and jumping from cliffs. Cetina River and its beautiful canyon are ideal for this kind of adventure. With a qualified guide, you will discover narrow gorges with ascents or descents, waterfalls and stone cliffs, living the best thrill of your life.

Passing through incredible tunnels, you will be rewarded with an amazing view of the 55-meter-high Gubavica Waterfall. Thanks to our canyoning activities in Omis you can choose the excursion that suits you best – from family-friendly to extreme canyoning, from a few hours to full-day excursions.

Mind that for the most adventurous, in the middle of the river, near Zadvarje village you will find the deepest canyon that the Cetina RIver created in its bed over the last 1000 years. This route will be ideal for an extreme canyoning escapade!

For a better idea check all the activities that Omis offers! If you are eager to discover more we propose you read in advance the complete guide to rafting and the complete guide to canyoning, which will be fundamental to getting ready for your next excursion thanks to useful insights!