Top Activities to Do on Brač Island

The islands of Croatia are well known for their beautiful landscapes, nightlife, and food scene. Brač Island is one destination worth visiting, whether by foot, sailing its sea, or flying from above it. You won't regret a trip there!

Brač Island is the largest of the Dalmatians, in the Adriatic Sea, home to the highest peak of all Croatian islands, the Vidova Gora (778 meters). The name of the mountain comes from the ruins of the St. Vido church, which stands 100 meters from the top of the mountain.

But the island has many different attractions such as beautiful beaches and an assortment of limestone cliffs, not to mention an amazing biodiversity and a few towns like Bol, Supetar, and Postira, all very much worth exploring.

There are a lot of activities to do in Brač Island, Discover the best places to go and things to see in this article!

Hiking the Vidova Gora and relaxing at Zlatni Rat

Mountain view
Brac Adventure

One of the most popular activities in Brač Island is a hike up Vidova Gora. Bol, the town the mountain is located in, is the oldest town on the coast of Brač. It is known for its wide gravel and sandy beaches, including the Zlatni Rat, with gorgeous turquoise waters, the Kostilim Illyrian fortress, and of course, the Vidova Gora.

To hike this trail, you might want to find accommodation in Bol and leave early in the morning. The trail is well-marked, meaning you only need to find the entrance and follow it, at your own pace.

The city used to be Roman territory, so you will see their ancient footprint on the first part of the path, which is not very steep. Then, the trail will become rockier and increase in steepness until you get to the top, where, if the weather conditions allow it, you will see a magnificent view of the south side of Brac Island, Bol, Hvar Island, Zlatni Rat beach, and the Croatian mainland.

It's important to note that if you can't or don't feel like hiking, you have the option to drive up to the Vidova Gora viewpoint. But if you do decide to hike, don't forget to wear comfortable clothes, wear sports shoes, and bring water, snacks and sunscreen so you will have a great day exploring this natural wonder!

After you get your fill of the beautiful view, you can hike back and go to Zlanti Rat beach, cool off, and relax for the rest of this great day in Brač Island.

Sea Kayaking Around the Area

Excursion from Supetar to Postira

Kayaking rocky shore
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If you're interested in spending a day in the beautiful turquoise waters of Brač Island, a sea kayaking excursion from Supetar to Postira is an amazing option!

Travel to secret beaches and tidal grottos as you paddle south from Supetar to Postira, stopping in Splitska to marvel at the raw beauty of the island.

If you're not staying in Brač Island, you can take a 50-minute ferry ride from Split and enjoy your day paddling through the Croatian sea on your kayak.

You will be guided, at a casual pace and after learning the basics of paddling, from Vrilo beach and north along the coastline. It will be an 8km long ride, so prepare your arms and mind for the ride, and you will be rewarded with views of pine woods, olive groves, beaches and the rocky coastline.

Then, you will stop at a scenic beach and, if you want, snorkel around the pristine coral gardens just off-shore.

Sunset Kayaking Excursion from Postira to Lovrečina

Sunset kayaking
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This is another 8km long tour where you will kayak from Postira towards the sandy beach of Lovrečina, at sunset.

Accompanied by the beautiful oranges, pinks, purples and blues of the setting sun, you will paddle north along the shore, passing the beautiful trees and rocky coastline, as well as stunning beaches and bays particular to Brač Island.

After learning the basic strokes and going over the necessary safety measures, you will embark on this beautiful adventure. Later, when you reach Lovrečina, you will have the opportunity to swim in it's amazing bay, sightsee, and walk to the old archaeological site of St. Lovre Church, a 15th century edification of impressive beauty and history.

After all the amazing views, you will get back into your kayak, and paddle back to Postira to enjoy the rest of your evening.

See the island from above

Brač Island is home to the largest airport of all the islands surrounding Split, so it's the perfect place to take a scenic flight over the Dalmatia region to be able to see all its wonders from above.

Mljet National Park from above
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Soak in incredible views of the crystaline waters of the Adriatic Sea, the long beaches, and the amazing green vegetation while you sit comfortably and safely in a plane or helicopter.

You'll have your pick of incredible locations to fly over: Mljet Island, Dubrovnik (the set of Game of Thrones), the Golden Horn beach, Hvar Island, and the Islands of Dalmatia or Krka National Park. The length of the flight will be determined by how far you have to go, but they're usually between 20 minutes and 2 hours, where you will be able to observe some beautiful landscapes from a different perspective.

This is an amazing way to see the places you are interested in, take amazing photos, and have an experience you won't forget.

Whether you visit it on foot, paddling in the sea, or through the air, Brač Island is an amazing destination full of natural beauty, history, and culture worth knowing. And if you're in the area and want to visit even more Croatian wonders, don't miss these nature-based activities in Split or the incredible outdoor possibilities in Omis. Enjoy this stunning section of the Croatian territory, you will for sure want to go back.