Best Activities to do in Split to explore Nature

The city of Split was founded as the Greek colony of Aspálathos, or Spálathos. The historical Split, lying on the Adriatic coast, is currently the second-largest city in Croatia and the largest one in Dalmatia. The old city center is very lively in summer, full of bars and shops, which contrast with the historical heritage, attracting all kinds of nationalities. As you may imagine the list of outdoor activities to do in Split is wide!

The many historical monuments, crystal clear waters and the spectacular mountain backdrop promise a great time in Split, especially if you are an outdoor lover! Thanks to the unique surrounding nature, the Split region offers the opportunity to practice different activities, and we accurately choose the best ones for you!

Jet skiing along Split’s coast

Jetskiing in Split

One of the activities to do in Split for adrenaline seekers is a jet ski and jet boat excursion. The adventure starts from Split with a spicy 20-minute ride in a jet boat, including some spins, bringing you to Ciovo island where your jet ski is waiting for you. The experienced guides will walk you through the process of operating a jet ski. You’re now ready for the second part of the experience: A 45 minutes jet ski tour following your guide and exploring the beautiful Dalmatian coast, all while reaching up to 40 nautical miles.

After the tour, you will get to one of the best beaches of the island to relax and have drinks and food. But all good things come to an end, and the skipper eventually takes you back to Split with the jet boat, to finish this exciting excursion with a last thrill.

Ziplining in the nearby Kozjak Mountains

Ziplining in Split

It would not be surprising if Croatia turned out to be the country with the most zip lines per habitant because there are a lot of them! And for a good reason: the stunning landscapes are perfectly suited to explore by whizzing over the three top and beautiful canyons.

Only 25 minutes from the city center of Split, you find an amazing ziplining tour in the heart of the Kozjak mountains and overlooking the town of Split. The three-hour course consists of 6 different ziplines, with a total length of 2500 meters at a height of 90 meters. Throughout the adventure, you will be surrounded by a professional guide. Ziplining is definitely an activity to do in Split, not only for the thrilling sensations but also for the breathtaking views over the city, the Dalmatian Dinaric Alps, the Adriatic Sea, the ancient Roman settlement of Salona, towns of Solin, Kaštela, Trogir, and most central Dalmatia islands.

Canyoning on the Cetina River

Canyoning in Split

The Cetina River and its canyons near Split are a great playground for outdoor fans. During a canyoning adventure in the Cetina River you’ll face slides, jumps around rapids, pools, and tunnels, and experience Croatia’s nature differently.

From family-friendly to extreme Canyoning excursions, this activity is open to everyone thanks to the different levels that make you discover the natural beauty of Croatia. Canyoning must only be done with a local guide that knows the canyon-like his pocket. You will also have the chance to admire the deepest canyon that the Cetina river has created in its bed, near the Zadvarje village.

Sea kayaking and snorkeling around the Split peninsula

Kayaking in Split

If you are looking for a more quiet activity to do in Split to discover the beautiful coastlines of the Adriatic Sea, then go for a Sea kayaking adventure. One of the excursions starts from Marjan Hill, and you’ll paddle your way around the Split peninsula, discovering hidden caves and coves on your way.

You will also spot small beaches, 13th-century historical treasures and some pyramids emerging from the sea where you will take a break snorkeling and exploring the underworld. And those who want to can take the part in some cliff jumping.

If you want to live an unusual underwater experience, we recommend you rent a sea bob and go snorkeling with your mask, all by letting this underwater vehicle transport you. The seabob does not require a driving license and the electrical drive makes them completely ecologically sound. The watercraft can be steered down into the depths simply by applying light pressure. It’s easy, what are you waiting for?

Skydiving over the Dalmatian Coast

Skydiving in Split

Discover the incredible landscapes around Split from the sky – when jumping out of a plane from 3000 meters! This is definitely an unforgettable activity to do in Split and an uncommon way of exploring Croatia.

If choosing a skydiving jump in Split, an instructor will provide you the equipment and brief you before the take-off. Once you reach skydiving altitude, it’s time to jump, attached to your instructor! Enjoy a minute of pure freefall, full of adrenaline and amazing sensations, before opening the parachute. During the slow descent under the canopy, you will have time to realize what a crazy thing you just did and to admire the beautiful view of the Dalmatian Coast.

Skywalking at the Poljud Stadium in Split

Skywalk in Split stadium

A skywalk activity from the Poljud Stadium will let you jump on a 70-meter (230 ft.) rope swing over the soccer pitch of the most beautiful sports arena in Croatia. Skywalk is a high level of adrenaline activity that consists in walking between the rooftops, in this case the stadium’s one.

As a Via Ferrata, the route is protected and marked with metal rails and runs. In the end, it will be time to face a freefall rope swing! Along the way, you will learn about some of the engineering and construction of the stadium, and its usage during the war. Don’t be afraid an instructor will supervise you and explain you the safety rules.

Scuba diving in Split

Scuba Diving in Split

With a scuba diving session in Split you will discover the underwater world of the Adriatic Sea by receiving an SSI certification. An instructor will guide you during the excursion and to guarantee the best assistance you will be allowed to dive just in small groups in the low bay with clear water and abundant sea life.

If you prefer to attend more than one session, meaning an SSI open water diver course, you will receive academic support, with colored manuals, DVDs and free online training. You will dive in the Home Reef site in front of the Diving Center for at least for 4 hours during each water session.

At the end of the course, you will be an official diver receiving certification to dive up to 18 meters deep. Find out more about our Discover Scuba Diving activity.

To have a full overview you can check a full list of outdoor activities to do in Split.
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