Top 10 things to do in Hvar

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Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic, offering an idyllic playground for your outdoor activities. To guide you, we've put together a top 10 list of the best things to do on Hvar!

The island of Hvar has it all: a Mediterranean climate, heavenly beaches and a town with a rich and varied architecture. Hvar has a special charm all of its own, which is why it is often cited as one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and the world.

Situated in the Adriatic Sea in Dalmatia, Hvar is one of the many islands and islets dotting the Croatian coast. It is a mountainous island and the longest of the Dalmatian islands. The island of Hvar is also the most famous and therefore the most popular with tourists. To get to the island, most people travel from Split or Drvenik, from where they continue by ferry. In fact, you don't need to stay on the island to discover it, as there are a number of excursions from Split that can take you there for a day.

Once here, visitors can try their hand at a wide range of outdoor activities to make the most of the island's mild climate. Of course, water sports are very popular on Hvar, but they're not your only option! Today, we invite you to discover our top 10 activities on Hvar. You'll see that there are plenty of outdoor activities to do on the Adriatic, in the forests, vineyards and orchards, but also under the blue skies of Croatia!

1. Sea kayaking from Križna Luka beach in Hvar

Sea kayaking excursion from Krizna Beach in Hvar
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Križna Luka beach is located in the town of Hvar. It is accessible and close to the town centre. In terms of landscape, Križna Luka is a pleasant pebble beach where you can easily find natural shade thanks to the nearby trees. The turquoise waters of the Adriatic invite you to go for a swim, as well as enjoying other water sports such as kayaking.

Sea kayaking from Križna Luka beach is a must if you want to take your time and enjoy the Hvar coastline. The advantage of this activity is its accessibility: sea kayaking is an easy sport to get to grips with, so even if it's your first time kayaking, you'll be able to enjoy your excursion. After a short briefing on paddling techniques, you'll be able to sail peacefully on the clear waters of the Adriatic. Don't hesitate to try sea kayaking from the Križna Luka beach in Hvar- you won't regret it!

2. Take a boat trip from Hvar to the blue caves of Bisevo

Boat trip from Hvar to the blue cave of Bisevo
Hvar Cruise

During a stay on Hvar, it would be a shame not to discover one of the natural gems of the Dalmatian Islands: the famous blue cave of Bisevo. Located on the islet of Bisevo in the small bay of Balun, this cave amazes visitors with its unique and magical atmosphere. A boat trip to the blue cave from Hvar is an excellent way to admire the play of light and shadow.

As the boat trip is an accessible activity, you can easily join in. With your family or friends, a boat trip to the Blue Grotto will give you the chance to spend a relaxing, convivial moment while enjoying a not-to-be-missed activity in Hvar. If you like, you can even add snorkelling in the Adriatic Sea to your boat trip in Hvar!

3. Take a sailing trip to the Pakleni Islands and the Red Rocks

Sailing trip to the Pakleni islands and the Red Rocks from Hvar
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Hvar may be one of the most beautiful of the Dalmatian islands, but that doesn't mean the surrounding islands aren't worth a visit! On a sailing trip to the Pakleni Islands and the Red Rocks, you can discover other breathtaking natural sites near Hvar. Also known as the Infernal Islands, the Pakleni Islands are made up of 21 islets with magnificent coves and landscapes. As for the Red Rocks, these limestone cliffs plunging into the Adriatic Sea illustrate the diversity of the landscapes near Hvar. So asailing trip to the Pakleni islands and the Red Rocks is an ideal way to explore the island's surroundings!

Sailing in Hvar is a not-to-be-missed activity that combines sightseeing, relaxation and swimming. If you fancy the experience, you can go for a half-day, a full day or even a simple 2-hour trip to admire the sunset over the Adriatic! Sail from Hvar and admire the most beautiful spots around the island!

4. Snorkelling in the Adriatic at Hvar

Snorkelling on the Makarska Riviera
Butterfly Watersports

If you want to slow down and take time to admire the Adriatic seabed, then snorkelling in Hvar is for you! Perfect for swimmers, this outdoor activity can be enjoyed with ease on any of the beaches on the island of Hvar: Pokonji dol, Mekićevica or Jagodna. However, the best option for discovering the rich flora and fauna of the surrounding area is still an organised excursion.

Most of the boat trips from Hvar offer snorkelling opportunities. The Pakleni islands are one example of a renowned snorkelling spot on Hvar. The cove in the typical little village of Sveta Nedjelja is another. If you love swimming and want to admire the underwater life of the Adriatic, snorkelling in Hvar is a must!

5. Wakeboarding on Hula-hula beach in Hvar

Wakeboarding on Hula-hula beach in Hvar
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If the water activities mentioned above are too quiet for you, you can also get your thrills with wakeboarding on Hvar! To do so, head to the famous Hula-Hula beach. This beach is ideal for anyone looking for fun, clean seas and sun! Leave the beach on a boat and try your hand at wakeboarding on the waters of the Adriatic.

With a board strapped to your feet, you'll hold onto a rope attached to the boat. This will give you the necessary traction to keep you upright while the boat accelerates to allow you to glide across the turquoise waters of Hvar. Accompanied by a professional instructor, you can, if you wish, learn to do tricks such as jumps, hand changes or spins. Wakeboarding from the beach at Hula-hula is the perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping on Hvar!

6. Flyboarding on Hula-hula beach in Hvar

Flyboarding on Hula-hula beach in Hvar
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Still at Hula-hula beach, take to the skies for another sensational activity: flyboarding. If you're not familiar with it, a flyboard is a skateboard-like device combined with a jetpack. The flyboard is connected by pipes to the exhaust of a jetski to propel water through the pipe and into the flyboard, allowing you to take to the skies.

Although this activity in Hvar may seem difficult, no previous experience is required. After just a few minutes' practice with a professional instructor, you'll be able to manage your balance and have fun! So don't hesitate, try flyboarding at Hula-hula beach and discover some incredible sensations near the island of Hvar!

7. Hiking on the island of Hvar

Hiking in Hvar
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The best things to do on Hvar include land-based activities! While the coast of Hvar and the surrounding islands are ideal spots for water-based activities, the interior of the island is also well worth exploring. To make sure you have plenty of time to admire every corner, hiking is the outdoor activity of choice. Although this activity is accessible and can easily be done on your own, it's better to set off with a guide to discover the island's culture and get to know all its secrets!

For example, did you know that Hvar is home to the small village of Grablje, which is said to be the largest lavender-producing village in Europe? That's just one example of all the anecdotes you can learn during your hike in Hvar! What's more, you'll be able to enjoy sublime views during your hike. This activity in Hvar is an opportunity to spend a day away from the crowds and recharge your batteries before your next adventure in Dalmatia!

8. Mountain biking on the island of Hvar

Mountain biking from the summit to the sea from Supetar on the island of Brač
Brač adventure

If you want to cover more of Hvar's trails more quickly and cover more ground to discover even more spots, mountain biking is the perfect activity! A number of loop trails start from Hvar, so you can easily leave the town and set off on an adventure in the island's interior. What's more, there are trails to suit all abilities! As on theneighbouring island of Brač, mountain biking is a popular activity on Hvar.

As with hiking, it's a good idea to set off with a guide who knows not only the trails but also the history of Hvar. Alternatively, you can always hire your mountain bike in Hvar and choose one of the many loop routes starting from the town. Mountain biking on the island of Hvar offers you a great day out in the mild Dalmatian climate.

9. Quad biking in Hvar

Guided quad bike excursion in the mountains from Split
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If you prefer to explore Hvar's trails in a motorised vehicle, then a quad bike will allow you to explore the island's roads in complete freedom! Unlike traditional tourist routes, quad biking on Hvar gives you the freedom to explore the island on your own. Thanks to this all-terrain vehicle, you can access parts of the island that you wouldn't be able to reach in a traditional tourist vehicle.

To go quad biking on the island of Hvar, you can choose to hire a quad bike and set off along the dirt roads at your leisure. Once again, you can enjoy a more complete activity by setting off with a guide as part of a group or on a private excursion. In any case, don't hesitate to add quad biking to your list of things to do in Hvar, as you'll enjoy an unrivalled sense of freedom! And if you're passing through Split on your way to Hvar, you can also go quad biking in the surrounding mountains!

10. Panoramic flight over Dalmatia from Hvar airport

Panoramic flight over the Dalmatian region from Hvar airport
Panoramic Flights Croatia

After exploring the Adriatic and the paths of the island of Hvar, take to the skies for an unforgettable aerial experience! Discovering Hvar by panoramic flight is a must if you want to admire the island and its surroundings from the sky. From the plane, you can easily admire Dalmatia, its islands with lush green vegetation, its beaches and the blue Adriatic Sea.

A scenic flight from Hvar guarantees you a magical time in Dalmatia. The island's airport is the perfect starting point for discovering sites such as Dubrovnik, the Dalmatian islands, Krka National Park and the island of Mljet. So don't hesitate to book a panoramic flight from the island of Hvar to enjoy the most beautiful aerial views of Dalmatia!

For a memorable holiday in Croatia's Dalmatia region, the island of Hvar is a little piece of paradise not to be missed! There's plenty to do on Hvar, making it an ideal destination for exploring while having fun and getting active. Even if water activities predominate, there's something for everyone, and you'll also find other activities on land and in the sky on Hvar!

Not far from the island, you can also enjoy your favourite outdoor activities in Split or Omiš! Here again, we can recommend the best activities in Split for exploring nature, and the best outdoor activities in Omiš for the adventurous!