Where to go canyoning in Spain?

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Canyoning is one of the most popular activities for adventurers who choose Manawa. Although there are numerous places to go canyoning, Spain is one of the favourite destinations for those in search of the best canyons. But one wonders: Where should I start? Where to go canyoning in Spain? So that you can choose, try and enjoy, we will guide you through the best canyons in Spain in this article.

Canyoning or water canyoning is an activity that combines many different activities in one. In a nutshell, it consists of going into nature and descending canyons following the course of the water, climbing, jumping, sliding, abseiling and swimming. Along the way you will come across magnificent waterfalls, caves, slides and natural pools. Due to Spain's geography, canyons can be found in almost every corner of the country. Thanks to this article, you will be able to discover this activity minutes away from cities like Malaga, Valencia, Nerja, in the Pyrenees or in parks like Sierra Nevada or Picos de Europa. After reading it you will be ready to choose your favourite canyon and slide into the adventure.

Canyoning in Huesca

canyoning in sierra de guara
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Huesca is a province located in the northeast of Spain, known for its natural parks and mountainous landscapes that are ideal for canyoning. One of these parks is the Parque Natural de la Sierra y los Cañones de Guara, which, as you can tell from its name, is one of the favourite parks for this activity. This idyllic destination is not only full of marvellous corners full of mountains, crystal clear waters, but also of ravines. Among which we can mention some, such as: the Formiga ravine, the Barranco de la Peonera, the Barranco de Vero, Oscuros de Balced or Barranco del Mascún, among others, making canyoning in Huesca an almost obligatory activity.

Another natural jewel to be found in the province of Huesca is the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. You may already know this park for its incredible landscapes, such as the Cola de Caballo waterfall and its mountains. But this park also hides adventure, here you will find canyons like the Barranco de Viandico, the Garganta de Escuain or others 5 minutes away from the park like the Barranco del Sorrosal. No matter where you are heading in this wonderful province, it will always be a good place to start canyoning in Spain.

Canyoning in Marbella

canyoning rio verde marbella
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Did you know that it is possible to do canyoning near Marbella? The Guadalmina canyon is located at a distance of 25 minutes by car from Marbella, specifically in the municipality of Benahavis. This canyon is bathed by the Guadalmina river, a river of emerald colours accompanied by stone passages and vegetation to decorate your activity. Canyoning in Guadalmina is possible for all levels, depending on the activity you can choose the one that suits you best.

On the other hand, the Sierra Bermeja Canyon is located in Estepona, 30 minutes from Marbella. Along the canyon you will cross the most popular riverbeds in Estepona and Marbella. With rappels up to 20 metres high, the Sierra Bermeja canyon is one of the most challenging in the area, which is why it is more suited to those already familiar with this activity.

Canyoning in Girona

Canyoning in Girona
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Just 20 minutes from Girona is the canyon of Riera d' Osor. Adorned by the Mediterranean forest and located in the picturesque town of Osor, this canyon is one of the most demanding in the area but not impossible for those who are occasional sportsmen.

Leaving Girona and travelling by car for 46 minutes towards the Eastern Pyrenees, you will find the Garrotxa Natural Park. The canyons in this well-known park are ideal for beginners to canyoning, as they are made up of smooth, grey rocks that accompany the river Fluvia.

Finally, close to the border with France and an hour and a half from Girona by car, there is a small canyon that is perfect for beginners to canyoning, the Barranc de les Gorgues. You can enjoy the Muga river by jumping, exploring, walking and swimming in its natural pools. This area of Spain offers many outdoor activities and canyoning in Girona is no exception.

Canyoning in Nerja

canyoning near Nerja in Rio Verde
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The Rio Verde canyon, which is only 40 minutes from Nerja, is one of the best canyoning areas in Spain. This canyon is located in Otivar, more precisely in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Tejeda. Adorned with local flora and crystal clear waters, which give its name its fame, the Rio Verde canyon is one of the perfect canyons for adrenaline junkies with a little experience. Passing through Otivar, a 44 minute drive from Nerja, you can enjoy canyoning in the municipality of Lentegi. Composed of numerous rappels and jumps of natural beauty, adorned with crystalline and green waters, the Lentegi canyon, of medium-high difficulty, has a 25-metre high abseil. If you are in the area and are looking for a different experience, don't hesitate to go canyoning near Nerja.

Canyoning in Picos de Europa

Canyoning Picos de Europa
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Another perfect destination for canyoning in Spain is the Picos de Europa National Park, located in the territories of Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León.

This national park is home to many ravines where you can enjoy an adventure-filled experience. Among the most important are the Barranco de La Hermida, the Barranco de Viboli, the canyon of Pompedru or the Barranco del Cares.

Some of the starting points to begin your adventure in the Picos de Europa start from towns such as Potes, Cangas de Onis or Arriondas, so it doesn't matter if the park is very large, you know where to start. Now you only have to choose the canyon that corresponds to your level, but don't worry, there is canyoning for all levels in Spain.

Canyoning in Valencia

Canyoning near Valencia, canyoning Nacimiento
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If you are looking for canyoning near Valencia, we recommend an unmissable destination just an hour from there and half an hour from Alicante, the Gorgo de la Escalera canyon. More precisely located in the town of Anna, in Gorgo de la Escalera you will find this green canyon with crystal clear waters, waterfalls and mountains that form natural pools.

Another perfect destination just 70km from Valencia and located in the town of Millares is the Barranco del Nacimiento. In this canyon you will find 5 rappels, the last one being one of the highest rappels with a height of 60 meters and a natural slide of 7 meters tempting the most sporty to try it.

Canyoning in Alicante

Canyoning near Alicante, Bollula Canyoning
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If you are looking for canyoning in Alicante you will find a perfect canyon for beginners: the Barranco de Estret de les Penyes or Barranco de Bolulla. Consisting of 7 rappels of 17 metres and a 25-metre waterfall, this canyon will test your senses and your physical condition.

But if you are looking for a quieter canyon, near Abdet, about an hour from Benidorm is the Barranco de Mela canyon. This canyon is a relatively easy canyon, as it has a maximum abseil of 8 metres and is accessible to beginners.

Canyoning in Sierra de las Nieves

Canyoning Sierra de las Nieves
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Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO due to its diverse flora and fauna, Sierra de las Nieves is a wonderful destination for outdoor activities and canyoning is not left out.

Canyoning in the Natural Park of Sierra de las Nieves is possible because here you can find the Barranco de Zarzalones or Rio Grande.

Located in Yunquera, and bathed by cold waters due to its origin in the caves of Zarzalones, this canyon is perfect for the occasional sportsman.

Canyoning in Sierra de las Nieves is synonymous with pure fun as the Zarzalones canyon has a constant flow of water making it one of the most beautiful canyons in Spain. Complemented its beauty with jumps of 2 to 4 metres and rappels of 27 metres this canyon is ideal for those looking for adventure.

Canyoning in Castellón

Canyoning in Castellon

Castellón is a mountainous province, making it an ideal destination for this activity and a good starting point for choosing where to go canyoning in Spain.

If you are a beginner, you can try family canyoning in Castellón, in Lucerna del Cid. Surrounded by nature, mountains and natural pools, this canyon is one of the most peaceful and accessible to enjoy with your family or friends.

For the more sporty visitors to Castellón, we recommend the Barranco del Centenario de Zucaina or the Barranco del Centenar. Both have rappels and waterfalls of up to 70 metres in height that will challenge your limits to the full, but without ceasing to amaze you with the spectacular landscapes you will be able to observe.

If you are in the area, you can't miss canyoning in Montanejos, as this is the canyon of the Chillapajaros gorge near Castellón. Although you need to be in good physical shape for this canyon, everyone is welcome, as everything is optional and can be avoided.

Canyoning in Ronda

Canyoning in Tajo de Ronda
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Situated in a famous gorge, Ronda is known for its viewpoints, palaces and the majestic Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) which stands in the Tajo de Ronda, a valley created by the Guadalevín river.

If you are in Malaga, you can go canyoning in Ronda as it has several canyons not only there but also in the surrounding area.

One of the most popular activities is canyoning in the Tajo de Ronda where you can explore this wonderful valley, but don't worry this canyon is no more than 30 metres long.

If you feel like more canyoning half an hour from Ronda, you can enjoy the Sima del Diablo canyon located in the town of Júzcar. This canyon is accessible to all and has a large flow of water so that the fun is guaranteed.

Although we could go on listing canyons, in this article about canyoning in Spain, at Manawa we know when it's time to take action.

Do not hesitate to consult our website to find the nearest canyon or the ideal canyoning destination in Spain. We also invite you to consult our canyoning guide for more information about this exciting activity. So much for our mission, now you just have to choose a destination, a canyon and jump into the adventure.