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In the north-east of the Aegean sea, you can find the third biggest Greek island, Lesbos - or Mytilene as many like to call it.

Lesbos is quite unique as an island, as it is not very touristic despite its big size and the beautiful beaches. The reason lies in the fact that the big mass tourism hotels are not allowed to be built on the island, as a way to preserve the natural environment of the island and the traditional way of life... and that's simply amazing for the sport lovers who like to hike on green hills or rocky mountains, who like to dive deep in the blue sea and explore the underwater life or simply for those who enjoy having a quiet time lying on the beach.

Mytilene, the "capital" of the island is a picturesque, vivid city for the cosmopolitan lovers. The great sunsets all around the island will make you feel the calmness that describes the citizens of Lesbos.

There are several ways to get to Lesbos, either by boat from Thessaloniki or Athens to Mytilene port, either by plane to the local airport flying from Thessaloniki, Athens or other European cities.

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