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Sea Kayaking

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Located in the south-eastern corner of Spain in the Province of Andalusia you will find one of the most beautiful places in the country: Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. The 63km of coastline and overhanging cliffs with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea is an open invitation for any adrenaline & nature lover.

Unlike any other, this is Andalusia’s largest coastal protected area and the only maritime-sea protected area. It is also, one of the most arid landscapes of Europe as well as one of the few volcanic originated territories under protection by the government.

This down-on-earth nirvana has endless mountain-biking tracks around its summits. Trekkers from around the world roam around this Biosphere Reserve (named by UNESO in 2001) and take a scuba diving immersion to try and see the endemic species of the GeoPark (2006).

With over 45 beaches along the coast, you’ll find yourself sometimes in what would appear your “personal” beach, away from the touristic fuzz. This is why kitesurfers, surfers and windsurfers are drawn to hike around the cliffs to find a small piece of heaven to try out some tricks.

Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park is a spot where you can have amazing thrills while enjoying stunning landscapes!

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Kayaking was really good and the younger members of our brood really enjoyed it, us oldies loved it too, but wish we didn’t suffer so much from bad backs , but help was always on hand to speed us along .. Thankyou so much . We also stopped to do some snorkelling, didn’t think the spot was the best , bit rocky and small area shared by other groups. Would really have liked a much longer time in the water we had about 10 mins , and disappointed that apart from small grey fish and Medusa jelly fish , nothing much to see .
Guided snorkeling in San Jose with ISUB. Totally professional organisation with friendly informed staff who gave us a great experience
More than one full hour of snorkeling with observation of many sea creatures.
Very nice acticity to do, nice view, nice nature

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