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Zadar is a city located in Croatia, in the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. It is a famous spot to practice white water sports such as kayaking and rafting.

With over 3,000 years of history, Zadar is an ancient city with numerous historical and cultural monuments. Wander through the charming streets to see the numerous churches like St. Donatus church, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, as welle as some palaces and Venetian fortifications.

In front of the city, you will find the Zadar archipelago which is composed of seven main islands. They are perfect if you want to find a spot where you can chill out peacefully. Each island has its own particularity. Premuda and Ist islands are great for scuba diving, while Olib island is a good spot for fishing.

Outside Zadar, come discover Zrmanja river which is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe thanks to its clear warm water and spectacular canyon with magnificent waterfalls. Around the river, you can try out several outdoor activities and thrilling sports.

Explore the surroundings during a hiking excursion starting from Ravni Golubić village that will lead through Vratolom ridge to the mouth of the Krupa and into the Zrmanja. You will also have the chance to cross the Bridge of Kuda, which is a zero-category historical monument, woven from 13 arches masterfully formed from travertine rock.

If you are a real adrenaline hunter, kayaking and rafting excursions are made for you! Share these excellent group activities with your family and friends. Rafting down Zrmanja River begins with a first hour of paddling down easy rapids, then, more waterfalls and rapids await you as you continue down Zrmanja towards Muskovci village where the trip will end.

Adults and children will enjoy the numerous outdoor activities available in Zadar and its surroundings.

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Koen D., Netherlands — 17/08/2023
We were perfectly guided in inflatable kayaks through a beautiful canyon. Our guides were really helpfull. The group was quite big but we had a wonderful time
Martin D., Slovakia — 27/07/2023
The activity was super fun, safe, our child is only 5 years old, but totally enjoyed.
Sander M., Belgium — 22/09/2018
We participated in kajak rafting, because there was not enough water to do rafting.
Ruqayyah E., United Kingdom — 20/09/2018
The day is long and you get to do many different things. It's interesting and exciting.
Ayesha B., United Kingdom — 22/07/2018
Our Skipper took us through idyllic areas to a beautiful island. Many of us couldn't swim, so we hiked around the island whilst learning about its interesting history and having drinks by the coast. The overall experience didn't feel rushed, allowing us to relax and take in the scenery. Later on we had drinks on the water, before jumping for a swim (non-swimmers with lifejackets). Our group agreed that it was the best speed boat trip any of us had been on before and the Sphinx story was a nice touch.

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