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Discover the activities to do in the south of La Trinité! A district encompassing the north-eastern region of Martinique, La Trinité is full of things to do, especially on its Presqu'île de la Caravelle.

Many visitors to Martinique decide to go to La Trinité to visit its Presqu'île de la Caravelle, and for good reason: declared a National Nature Reserve of Martinique in 1975, it is a superb place to admire the waves of the ocean crashing on its cliffs and to discover Martinique's flora, including the famous mangroves. The Presqu'île de la Caravelle is therefore a must-see place in Martinique for its nature and landscapes, but also because it is possible to surf there. This takes place on the beach above the fishing village of Tartane, which is also one of the points of interest of the Presqu'île de la Caravelle, along with the Château Dubuc and the Caravelle lighthouse on the eastern tip of the peninsula. Allow half a day to hike around the peninsula and enjoy swimming in its beautiful little wild creeks!

You can also continue your walk to the foot of the Caravelle peninsula to discover the Pink Mangrove of Trinidad, a natural curiosity that occurs on very hot days. Don't miss this rare sight if you have the opportunity!

If you are passing through La Trinité to see the Caravelle Peninsula, don't hesitate to linger in the commune of Le Robert, just below. You can discover the islets of Robert, in the heart of the bay considered to be the most beautiful in Martinique, the Bay of Robert. Whether by sea kayak, paddle or boat, sailing between the various islets to admire the white sandy shoals of the bay is something to do in La Trinité!

Robert Bay has a total of 10 islets: Islet Chancel, Islet Madame, Islet La Grotte, Islet Petit Piton, Islet Petit Vincent, Islet Boisseau, Islet Garou, Islet Petite Martinique, Islet à Eau and Islet aux Rats. Not all of them are open to visitors all year round, but a tour of Robert's Bay is worthwhile even if it is only to set foot on Chancel Islet. This is the largest of the ten, with a sandy beach and turquoise water perfect for snorkeling, and home to iguanas. Nature lovers will be delighted to discover the islets of Robert!

So, if you go to the commune of La Trinité during your stay in Martinique, don't hesitate to look further than the Caravelle peninsula: you will be surprised to discover the richness of the biodiversity of the islets of Robert!

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