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This vibrant seaside town on the south coast of Spain, in the Costa del Sol region and 33km south-west of the better-known port city of Malaga, is a popular holiday destination, boasting a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, a Blue Flag beach, charming Old Town and beautiful castles.

In addition, this destination is a great spot for families, with a whole host of water sports to be done, water-based fun to be had at attractions such as the Costa Waterpark and Aquamijas, and animals to be spotted at the Fuengirola BioParc.

Marina with Mountain-backdrop and Blue Flag Beach

This coastal town boasts a gorgeous marina, full of sail boats and small yachts, with a great view of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range – great to be explored by buggy tour, making for a beautiful backdrop. If you’re looking for adventure, this area is a great place to come for parasailing, jetskiing or sailing experiences. Or, if you’re looking to keep your feet on dry land, there are a large number of bars and restaurants around the marina, as well as along the town’s main palm-lined promenade – the perfect spot to sit and enjoy some summer sunshine.

Just to the north-east of the town centre is the area’s Blue Flag beach, Carvajal, a 1.2km stretch of pristine sand, shingle and bright blue sea. A quiet beach, perfect for some family fun, with opportunities for swimming and water sports.

Los Boliches, an area just north of the main part of Fuengirola is a smaller, less touristy part of the town which is definitely worth a visit for great eateries, shops and a charming beach.

Culture - Old Town and Castles

Fuengirola is a town steeped in culture and if you’re looking for great architecture, a laidback atmosphere, shops, cafes and bars, and some interesting history, head to the Old Town area. The Plaza de la Constitución, a relaxing square in the heart of the town, is a great spot for sitting outside a café people-watching or to take a leisurely stroll around, whilst taking in the beautiful architecture.

For history lovers, visit Sohail Castle, a beautiful stone fortress, destroyed and rebuilt a number of times since it was first erected in 945AD, with beautiful sea views due to its being positioned on a small hill by the coast.

Another stunning piece of architecture worth visiting in this area is Colomares Monument, 10km north-east of Fuengirola, a monument built in the 1980s/1990s, constructed to look like an incredibly ornate castle. This landmark, dedicated to Christopher Columbus, is often overlooked by tourists as it is off the beaten track, but it is must-see as it’s an unforgettable work of architecture.

Another great landmark, located just between Fuengirola and Los Boliches is the Finca del Secretario, an ancient Roman archaeological park with ruins of a Roman thermal bath house.

For Families

This destination is perfect for families, as many attractions are-tailored towards children, such as the Fuengirola BioParc. This attraction is a contemporary update on the traditional format of the zoo - where enclosures feature different species of animals that would co-exist in the same environment in the wild, in the same enclosure.

The Costa Water Park, an inflatable attraction floating on the coast of southern Fuengirola is a great place for older children and teenagers, as it offers great water-based fun.

Aquamijos, a little further inland than the Costa Water Park, is a great place for some family fun in the sun during summer, with a number of pools and waterslides for a great day out for all the family.

For nature lovers, this area is home to a number of different species of dolphins, such as Striped Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and Common Dolphins. Some species of whale, such as Sperm Whales, are also able to be spotted, depending on the time of year, in this area, as the waters near Fuengirola are in their migratory path. So head out onto the water for an activity the whole family will love!

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Ingrid G., Norway — 22/02/2024
We had so much fun, and enjoyed 30 min. in the water.
Olivia K., Ireland — 16/12/2023
My boyfriend and I did parasailing in September. Was paired with a family of four onboard but only two parasailed. Although you're only up in the air for 10 mins it feels longer! We had a great time!!
Aqeel H., United Kingdom — 28/08/2022
Great activity to do definitely worth it he also took time out taking us dolphin spotting
Malgorzata S., Poland — 27/08/2022
We were parasailing with my boyfriend, a fantastic experience!
Maria Macarena J., United Kingdom — 23/08/2022
Love it, I felt very relax when I was up there and safe

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