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Discover the activities to do in Pointe-Noire! Pointe-Noire, a municipality in the west of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe, faces the Caribbean Sea and has everything to charm you!

Between Deshaies to the north and Bouillante to the south, Pointe-Noire is an important commune of Basse-Terre which has managed to preserve its authenticity. It is here that the famous route de la Traversée, which leads to Petit-Bourg, also known as the route des Mamelles, begins because it passes between the two Mamelles peaks, which rise to an altitude of 584 m. Several hikes, on foot or by mountain bike, can be made from Pointe-Noire to see these two peaks, as well as the many waterfalls in the Basse-Terre rainforest, including the Saut d'Acomat.

The coastline of Pointe-Noire is rather rocky and has few beaches. Two of them are very popular for their wild side: the beach of Petite Anse, in the north, is suitable for snorkeling, while Anse Caraïbes, further south and longer, invites to relaxation and other beach activities. The volcanic rocks that gave Pointe-Noire its name allow for some great diving sessions to discover the exceptional seabed in the Caribbean Sea!

The port of Baille-Argent, a small marina in Pointe-Noire, can keep you busy for a short stroll along the seafront, but also offers you the chance to go on a cruise to observe the cetaceans that inhabit the Caribbean Sea. It is also the ideal place to enjoy a Creole meal in the heart of a typically local atmosphere.

Pointe-Noire is an authentic town with a number of places of interest where you can learn more about Guadeloupean culture. With your family, you can, for example, go fishing and discover the ouassous, a large freshwater shrimp that the Parc Aquacole breeds. Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted to visit the Maison du cacao or the Vanilleraie Fety, while those curious about Guadeloupean culture will appreciate the Habitation Côte sous le Vent and its exhibitions, or a walk to the sanctuary of Notre Dame des Larmes inland.

If you are looking for an environment unique to Guadeloupe and away from the main tourist flows, the commune of Pointe-Noire will undoubtedly suit you, while offering a relaxing atmosphere perfect for holidays!

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