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Discover what to do in Quebec City! The city that gives its name to the province is very popular because of its traditional Canadian charm and friendly people! Known for its sense of security, Quebec City is not boring! The city offers a wide range of fun and exciting activities.

Founded in 1608 by a French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, the aim was to establish the first permanent settlements to start a colony in North America. With only a few inhabitants, it was in 1645 that Quebec City became a staging post for local merchants. Over the years, the city grew in importance and in 1663, the Sun King, Louis XIV, himself named Quebec City the capital of the province of New France.

Unfortunately, the city suffered from the many battles between the French and English to besiege Quebec and take possession of the rich territory of North America. In the end, it would be English before becoming independent in 1867 with Canadian independence.

Located north of Montreal, in Eastern Canada, Quebec City is crossed by the St. Lawrence River. Surrounded by national parks and nature reserves, including the Laurentians, the city is surrounded by a green environment and wants to preserve it. A true local pride, Quebec City wishes to remain green and work towards sustainable development.

As the former capital of New France, the local culture is based on traditions and the French language. This has created a great wave of gastronomy that has been growing in recent decades. All the cuisines of the world can be found in Quebec City! Art has a special place in the city with many galleries and exhibitions. Competitions are even organised to share and transmit local knowledge. But above all, Quebec City is a lively city where there is always something to do and where many activities are offered!

Thanks to its traditional and authentic style, Quebec City is as beautiful under a bright sun as it is under a blanket of white snow. To take advantage of its beauty and surroundings, go on a discovery activity such as a boat trip on the St. Lawrence River and meet the whales that are just around the corner! You can also go kayaking or paddle boarding on the nearby rivers and lakes. When ice covers the region's waterways, discover the ice canoe and enjoy a timeless experience.

If you prefer to go into the woods and see the local wildlife, then book a fat bike or quad bike ride along the mountainous trails of the region, and with a bit of luck you might even spot some bears. During the winter season, it is possible to go on a dog sledding or cani-kart adventure, to experience a unique moment in contact with the animals, full of emotions and sensations.

Finally, go deep into the mountains near Quebec City during your activities to learn about classic or ice climbing. Yes, on ice! A new practice that will delight young and old.
For more activities, hang on to a lifeline and climb a rocky slope on one of the many Via Ferrata circuits in the region! Before finishing your adventure in Quebec City, take a paragliding flight over the city, the forests and the St. Lawrence River. In the sky, an exceptional panorama will be offered to you and will not leave you indifferent!

Quebec City is eager to welcome you to their home, so book your trip and take advantage of the many activities to do in Quebec City!

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Jeanine D., United States — 07/07/2024
It was great hike, customized to the size and ability of our group. Lunch was included and personally prepared by our guide which felt so personal and sweet. He even brought vegetarian options. The paths are well maintained. The right amount of challenge for me.
Katie W., United States — 03/03/2024
Such a unique experience. The dogs were wonderful and so full of energy. I easily could have spent half day or more on the sled.
Belisa A., United States — 04/02/2024
It was fun, just wished we could have sled for a little longer, felt too short, it was like 30-40 minutes and that we could go a little faster, constantly had to slow down.
Hector R., United States — 07/01/2024
This is one of the best activities I ever done. I would do it again in a heart beat. Definitely recommend a must do.
Nathan G., United States — 26/10/2023
We loved the zip line very fun! Park is very beautiful to walk as well.

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