Whale Watching and Snorkelling in Tahiti

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Whale Watching
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Live a waking dream thanks to Mobydick Tahiti and its boat trip to see the whales in Tahiti and, if possible, swim near them!

Live a waking dream thanks to Mobydick Diving and its boat trip to see the whales in Tahiti and, when possible, observe them in the water!

Between August and November, Tahiti is the ideal destination to meet the magnificent humpback whales. They are returning from a long migration from Antarctica to Polynesian waters to reproduce or give birth. Mobydick Diving offers you the opportunity to embark with them to try to see these incredible cetaceans between Paea and Mataiea, a little frequented area that will allow you to approach them according to the rules established by the DIREN (Direction of the Environment), in a respectful and passive way.

Since the whale watching phase can take some time, Mobydick Diving boat, "Stenella", has been equipped with an awning to protect you from the sun and rain. It also has a listening system (hydrophone) that allows you to hear the male whales singing, a unique experience! Then, if whales are encountered, it will be the beginning of an observation phase to admire them from the boat and judge if a launch is possible: it will depend not only on the whales' behavior, but also on the sea conditions and on you! During each launch, an instructor will always be present at your side to ensure that this moment of snorkeling with the whales takes place in complete safety.

Whether you encounter whales or not, this boat trip in Tahiti will allow you to enjoy the charm of the island from the sea, its landscapes, as well as the other animals that can be encountered, including dolphins. You won't be disappointed, knowing that Mobydick Diving guides are experienced and will do their best to make sure you see the whales.


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John K., New Zealand — 23/08/2023
This is a great whale tour, it's on a quieter part of the coast so there's less boats around, we had it to ourselves, and managed to have a lovely swim with a mother and calf. highly recommended.
marie G., French Polynesia — 29/10/2022
Très bien

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