Reindeer Sledding Excursion at Camp Tamok from Tromsø

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Reindeer sledding trip

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Try out the oldest form of transport in the North: reindeer sledding! Immerse yourself with the indigenous Sami people and their reindeers in Tromsø.

Try out the oldest form of transport in the North: reindeer sledding! Immerse yourself with the indigenous Sami people and their reindeers in Tromsø.

If you're looking for an authentic activity in Tromsø, look no further. Come spend the day with the indigenous Sami people and discover the ancient lifestyle of Northern Norway, including the oldest form of transport in the North, reindeer sledding.

You will meet your guides directly in Tromsø and embark on a 90-minute scenic-ride to the wilderness center in Camp Tamok. Take in the majestic sceneries as you make your way to the camp! Upon arrival, you will receive warm overalls, and all the necessary gear for reindeer sledding. Then, following a thorough safety briefing, you will head out to the Sami Camp to meet your new furry friends!

Lead by the local Sami guides, you will sit back and enjoy a unique ride through the Winter Wonderland of Northern Norway! Reindeer sledding is one of the oldest methods of transport in the Arctic and now it is your time to spend the day like a local and learn all about these majestic and festive creatures!

Midday, you will make a stop and see a demonstration of lasso throwing, an important part of the Sami culture and the reindeer herders. Once you're back at the camp, you will have some time to get up close with the friendly reindeers and feed them. They are always happy to receive their favorite treats!

Then, you will sit around the open fire in a Sami tent and enjoy a delicious homemade Norwegian soup or stew, complemented with bread, coffee, tea and water. Taste the local flavors while listening to some fascinating stories about the Sami culture and their connection with the reindeers! Take in the overall beauty of the camp and say your final goodbyes to these incredible creatures before you head back to Tromsø.

Book your reindeer sledding excursion in Tromsø for a day-long immersion with the reindeers, and the indigenous Sami people. Experience reindeer sledding, lasso throwing and learn all about these majestic creatures and their connection to the Arctic!


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Patricia C., Canada — 08/04/2024
We really enjoyed learning about the Sami culture and the raising of reindeer by them. Our guide was terrific, down to earth and very sincere. It was great to spend time with the reindeer and the lunch afterward was fun. We also enjoyed the drive to the camp as we got to see the scenery in that part of the country. The trip was just the right length of time.
Rachel Megan M., Switzerland — 11/03/2024
This was a great tour. It was very well organised, easy and just the right amount of time. We first spoke with a Sami around a fire, it was fascinating hearing about his life as a blend of traditional and modern ways (and good to not be standing in the cold). We got to lead the reindeer to the sleds and say hello. The sledding itself was very short, I didn't need it to be any longer though. Afterwards we were given a delicious stew and hot beverages in a warm tent.
Muhammed Emin B., Germany — 26/12/2023
Program was very well organised, staff were also amazing! The similarities with Sami people and my ancestors(Turkish) surprised me. Oh. and the deers are soo lovely!! I really recommend!!!
Andrew T., United States — 26/11/2023
Sitting in the lavo and listening to the history of the camp and the Sami was an amazing experience. We wish we had more time to ask questions and hear more stories. We have so many more things we want to learn that we probably would have annoyed everyone by just asking so many questions. The discussion and experience was extremely informative and now we will be researching more about the Sami on my own.
Sanne D., United Kingdom — 23/02/2022
Being so close to the reindeer was fun and the sleigh ride was beautiful. The guide was very informative about the Sami culture, it's saddening how it may slowly disappear in modern society, in spite of changing with the times (drones to watch the herd!) Tasty lunch too.

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