Snowmobile Excursion at Camp Tamok from Tromsø

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Book your snowmobile excursion and venture far into the Norwegian wilderness of Tromsø, riding along the breathtaking snowy landscapes with your own snowmobile!

Book your snowmobile excursion and venture far into the Norwegian wilderness of Tromsø, riding along the breathtaking snowy landscapes with your own snowmobile. No previous experience needed!

Experience the thrill of driving a snowmobile, feel the cold crisp Arctic air and marvel at the pristine, snowy wilderness of Northern Norway and Tromsø! You will ride along the captivating snow-covered mountains, astonishing landscapes and scenic valleys. Ready to get a taste of the local culture and learn how to drive the scooter of the North?

Your adventure begins with a pick-up from the city center in Tromsø where you will meet your guides and hop on a scenic 90-minute bus ride towards the wilderness center in Camp Tamok. Once you've reached the camp, you will be provided with warm winter clothing (thermal suit, boots, mittens, balaclava and helmet) and follow a thorough safety instruction and a practical demonstration of driving the snowmobiles. Then, it is time to follow your guide and head out in the wild!

You will drive in pairs with one driver and one passenger per snowmobile and have plenty of opportunities to switch places during the adventure between the snow-covered mountains up to a pristine frozen lake. Prepare to ride along the snowy terrains, taking in the cold crisp Arctic air while feeling the thrill of riding the snowmobile!

After the trip, your guide will lead the way to a traditional reindeer herder's tent where you will enjoy a delicious Norwegian stew or soup by the campfire, complemented with bread, tea, and water. Savor the flavors and cherish the moments with your loved ones, while learning about the Nordic culture and the life in the Arctic.

Once you've warmed up, it is time to board the bus, and return back to Tromsø with some lifelong memories of this unique excursion. Unleash your inner adventurer and book your snowmobile excursion in Tromsø for a day-long immersion in the Nordic wilderness!


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Madeline M., United Kingdom — 28/03/2024
Snowmobiling was so fun, long but beautiful journey to get there from Tromso. Camp is amazing with lots of other activities, so might be worth doubling up and spending day there and doing dog sledding or reindeer activities.
Jackie L., United Kingdom — 21/03/2024
Snowmobiling was great. We were a group of four, three petrol heads and me! Everything was explained clearly and although I was nervous about driving, our guide let me have a go in a flat open paddock where I felt very safe. Also just riding pilion was a blast.
Lucas Y., United Kingdom — 23/02/2024
The activity was perfect! We were mesmerised by the views and the freedom to ride the snowmobiles. The hosts were amazingly friendly and so much fun!
Johana P., United States — 23/02/2024
Snowmobiling was an exhilarating experience! From the breathtaking views of snow-covered landscapes to the adrenaline rush of going across icy trails, every moment was unforgettable. The guide was knowledgeable and ensured our safety while also adding to the excitement with interesting facts about the area.
Michael C., United Kingdom — 10/02/2024
Scenic 90 minute coach to the camp, where you’re able to pet the huskies and then you are paired up on a snowmobile and taken a reasonable length into the snowy mountains and share the driving duties 50/50. Amazing views whilst driving or sitting as passenger and tasty reindeer or veggie soup served afterwards.

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