3 Fun Ways to get to Cova des Coloms

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The Cova des Coloms is a cave located in the Es Migjorn Gran region of Menorca, which has a long natural history. For visitors to the island, it is possible to reach the cave from different points, either by swimming, by boat or even by abseiling, and enjoy a day of caving in this impressive cave which is 24 metres high, 15 metres wide and 110 metres deep.

The island of Menorca in Spain is part of the Balearic archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, and in recent years has become an incredible destination for nature lovers. With beautiful beaches and natural regions to discover, Menorca is a great destination for people interested in hiking, diving and, of course, caving expeditions in the Cova des Coloms.

This impressive cave, the largest in Menorca, located in the Binigaus ravine, in the municipality of Es Migjorn Gran, is a monument created by nature, which has come to be known as "the Cathedral". At 24 metres high, 15 metres wide and 110 metres deep, anyone will be amazed by the two areas that make up the cave: a 50-metre high central room and a second area at the back of the cave, accessed through a narrow passageway.

The Cova des Coloms has a long history, and although it has never been thoroughly inspected, different archaeological expeditions have found that it was a burial place in the post-Talayotic period, also known as the Balearic period (550 - 123 BC), and it is possible that it may have had a religious or ritual significance.

In addition, remains of human bones, fragments of prehistoric pottery and two bronze horns have been found, some of which can be found in the Museum of Menorca.

But interest in the Cova des Coloms has been growing for years because it has something in common with the Pirate's Cave. Legends tell that the pirates of medieval times hid their riches and treasures in the sea caves of Mallorca, as they were difficult to access without a boat. These legends lend an air of magic and mystery to the caves that can be interesting to explore.

More recently, since 1966, the Cova des Coloms has been protected as an Asset of Cultural Interest and is open to the public for excursions and exploration.

How to get there

The adventure of an excursion to the cave itself starts from different points. If you want to walk, it is necessary to leave from the Es Migjorn cemetery, descending a ravine. On the other hand, the cave can be reached by swimming, or by a boat that will take you to its mouth, from where you will set off towards its depths. It is also possible to reach it from Binigaus beach.

To visit these caves, whichever way you decide to do it, you should bear in mind that you need to know how to swim and that, although it is a very family-friendly activity, the minimum age to do it tends to be between 8 and 12 years old, as it does require individual effort.

Adventure Month

Visit the Cave of Coloms from Cala Romántica

On this sea caving excursion you will be able to experience a moment full of adventure and exploration without the need for previous caving experience. You can start at Cala Romántica, the longest of the four beaches that make up this stretch of coastline, located just 10 minutes by car from Porto Cristo.

From there, you will hike to Cala Falcó and swim to Cava des Coloms, where you can observe its incredible rock formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns and lava flows, as well as do a bit of rock climbing. Finally, you will hike another stretch to return to Cala Romántica and finish your day.

Arrives by ship

Boat and cave
Skualo Porto Cristo

If you really want to have a panoramic view of this section of Menorca's coastline while exploring this hidden treasure, you have the option of reaching the Cova des Coloms for your caving expedition via a boat trip.

You will arrive at the dive centre in Porto Cristo, where you will start your adventure and get equipped with all the necessary equipment for caving. From there you will have a beautiful speedboat ride, during which you will pass some unspoilt bays and have a wonderful view of the coastline, while your guide tells you about the legends of pirates that take place in the Mallorcan caves, until you reach the Cova des Coloms.

Your adventure will continue as you jump off the boat into the sea, where you will swim through the cave entrance. Inside, you can explore the crystal clear turquoise saltwater lakes and the vaulted caves with all the rock formations that emerge there, as you can see in this video:

At the end of the tour of the Cova des Coloms, you will get on the boat once more to return to the point where you started, with an unforgettable experience in your mind.

What about abseiling too?

Rappel in the sea
Adventure Month

As in the first case, you will start the day in Cala Romántica, from where you will walk to Cala Falco and there you will get equipped.

But here, at the mouth of the cave, you will rappel 25 metres to swim and then enter the Cova des Coloms. There, you will take a tour of the aforementioned wonders of the cave, such as its turquoise waters, stalagmites and stalactites.

You will finish the day with a short swim (220 metres) to the beach, where you will return to the original meeting point.

No matter which route you choose, you are sure to have wonderful views, both of paradisiacal beaches and of a natural wonder such as the Cova des Coloms with its various rock formations, crystal clear lakes and impressive vaults. On an expedition like the ones we explain here, you will not only have the benefit of discovering this new area through caving, but also of having trained professionals accompanying you and equipping you with everything you need to spend a great day swimming and discovering a new hidden world.

If you are not very interested in speleology, but would like to see more attractions near Porto Cristo, go scuba diving or simply take a boat trip, these activities are not to be missed. But if you are interested in water activities in the Balearic Islands, you can find out more about what's on offer here.