The most beautiful boat trips in Corsica

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A popular summer holiday destination in the Mediterranean, the Île de Beauté is packed with magnificent scenery all along its coastline. With white sandy beaches, surprisingly colourful cliffs, crystal-clear waters, underwater caves and more, there's so much to see that it would be a shame to miss out on some of the most beautiful boat trips in Corsica!

With almost 1,000 km of coastline, Corsica offers a multitude of coastal landscapes renowned for their natural beauty. With Cap Corse and the Agriates desert to the north, the Scandola nature reserve and the calanques of Piana to the west, the Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve and the Lavezzi islands to the south, and many other exceptional sites, the island has no shortage of places to visit by boat! From Ajaccio, Saint-Florent, Porto-Vecchio, etc., discover Corsica's most beautiful boat trips!

1 - The Scandola Nature Reserve

boat trip in the Scandola nature reserve
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Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Scandola Nature Reserve is a must-see on the Isle of Beauty. But although it is both maritime and terrestrial, you can only visit it from the sea! Boat trips to Scandola are therefore one of the must-do experiences in Corsica, as the rich flora and fauna of this natural site are well worth discovering, as is the charming isolated village of Girolata.

With captains and crews on hand to share enriching information about the reserve and its biodiversity, you can take a boat trip to Scandola from Cargèse, south of the Calanques de Piana, or from Porto. But there are also boat trips to the Scandola Nature Reserve from Calvi, to the north! And if you're not interested in taking advantage of the knowledge of guides because you're only intrigued by the landscape, hiring a boat to Scandola from Galéria will allow you to experience your visit to the reserve at your own pace.

2 - The Piana creeks in the Gulf of Porto

boat trip to the calanques of Piana and Capo Rosso
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Another magnificent site on Corsica's west coast, the Calanques de Piana are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to the biodiversity they harbour and their cliffs of striking red magmatic rock. The cliffs can be visited on foot for superb views over the Gulf of Porto, particularly from Capo Rosso, or by boat for impressive views of the cliffs and underwater caves! A trip from Porto in a semi-rigid is the best option, as this type of boat is the ideal size for entering these turquoise caves.

However, if you want to make the most of the beauty of the cliffs and their glowing rock, don't hesitate to opt for a sunset excursion to the Calanques de Piana! With a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the calanques on the programme, weather permitting, and an aperitif to celebrate this superb outing, you'll have enjoyed one of the most beautiful boat trips in Corsica.

3 - The Agriates Desert

catamaran trip to the Agriates desert
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With its wild beaches worthy of those on a paradise island, the Agriates Desert is an exceptional site for boat trips in Corsica. It's perfectly possible to visit it from inland, on foot or in a 4x4, but access to its beaches is much simpler from the sea! You can easily follow the coast to reach the most beautiful beaches of the Agriates Desert and enjoy their turquoise waters at a distance from other visitors: Fiume Santu beach, Lotu beach, Saleccia beach or Ghignu beach.

One of the best boat trips for enjoying this wild jewel is this catamaran cruise from Saint-Florent, offering, depending on the weather conditions, an itinerary to the Agriates Desert or Cap Corse, or an itinerary combining these 2 must-see sites in the north of the Isle of Beauty!

4 - The cliffs of Bonifacio and the Lavezzi islands

boat trip to the cliffs of Bonifacio
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When researching Corsica, who hasn't seen these incredible white limestone cliffs, emblematic of Bonifacio? Steep and reaching heights of over 100 metres, they leave a powerful impression, especially when seen from the sea! And for that reason alone, boat trips in the Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve are not to be missed. Not only can you admire the cliffs of Bonifacio up close and make your way through their underwater caves, but you can also visit the Lavezzi islands, an archipelago renowned for its heavenly beaches and coves with translucent waters ideal for snorkelling.

And even if you don't have the means to travel further south in Corsica, it's perfectly possible to take a boat trip from Ajaccio to Bonifacio and the Lavezzi Islands!

5 - The Sanguinaires islands off Ajaccio

boat trip to the Sanguinaires islands in the Gulf of Ajaccio
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There are many boat trips from Ajaccio, which is not only one of the main arrival points for visitors to the Isle of Beauty, but also a central point between various places of interest on the Corsican coast (the Scandola Nature Reserve, the Piana creeks, Bonifacio, etc.). And if there's one seaside getaway you really shouldn't miss in Ajaccio, it's a sunset boat trip to the Sanguinaires Islands!

Situated to the north of the Gulf of Ajaccio, this archipelago is made up of 4 rocky islands with a magnificent landscape which, of course, reveals all its splendour under the setting sun which brings out the glowing red colour of its cliffs. So to get your evening in Ajaccio off to a great start, don't miss this one of Corsica's most beautiful boat trips!

6 - The gulfs of Porto-Vecchio and Santa Giulia

boat trip in the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio
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In the south-east of Corsica, Porto-Vecchio is also the starting point for many boat trips to the south of the island (Bonifacio, the Lavezzi islands, Sardinia, etc.). But you don't necessarily have to go any further than the Gulf of Santa Giulia to enjoy a pleasant cruise with swimming breaks in idyllic surroundings!

Boat trips in Porto-Vecchio can take you to the Cerbicale islands, an archipelago belonging to the Bouches de Bonifacio nature reserve, although further north than Bonifacio, but also along various white sandy beaches not to be missed: Palombaggia beach, Cala Rossa beach, Santa Giulia beach, etc. Whether it's just for an aperitif at sunset or a day trip, you'll have an unforgettable Corsica cruise from Porto-Vecchio!

boat trip in Corsica
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Of course, this list of boat trips in Corsica is not exhaustive: there are many other cruises worth taking on the Isle of Beauty, such as this boat trip to Sardinia from Porto-Vecchio, or this boat trip in the Gulf of Valinco from Campomoro. It's up to you to choose the one or ones that will satisfy your desire for discovery and relaxation during your stay!

And if you're interested in discovering other outdoor experiences available on the Isle of Beauty, don't hesitate to take a look at this round-up of things to do in Corsica to spice up your holidays! You'll find one of the island's leading mountain sports, canyoning. So, after this top 6 list of not-to-be-missed boat trips, check out the 9 best canyoning spots in Corsica!