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This Greek Island paradise, the second largest of the Ionian Islands - but arguably the most well-known, is situated off Greece’s northwest coast. This beautiful island and popular holiday destination, close to mainland Greece is home to crystal clear blue waters, a rocky coastline and - unlike other islands in Greece - stunning flora and fauna, as well as the world-famous towns of Kavos and Corfu Town, the island’s capital.

Corfu is an island steeped in history, home to some phenomenal Greek cuisine and is a must-visit destination. This island boasts natural geological phenomena that have to be seen to be believed, like the stunning Cape Drastis, a natural rock formation of strangely shaped cliffs and sea caves at the most northwesternly point of the island. Near Cape Drastis is another of these phenomena, the Canal d’Amour of Sidari, a naturally formed rock channel steeped in myth and mystery.

Corfu Town, Old Town and Landmarks

This destination’s capital, Corfu Town, is a vibrant city at the centre of the island, on its east coast. This beautiful coastal capital boasts a wide variety of attractions and landmarks worth visiting, especially its Old Town area. Corfu Town’s Old Town is a gorgeous location, filled with stunning architecture, peaceful small streets to stroll around and landmarks such as the St Nicholas Gate and the Palace of St Michael and St George, a 19th century neoclassical style palace. Near here, out on a promontory, is the Old Fortress, a Venetian fortress and a landmark that this island is famous for. The Spianada square, just next to the Old Fortress, is a great place to sit and relax in the Mediterranean sunshine and take in the beauty of the blue Ionian waters it overlooks.

The Beautiful Beaches of Corfu

Known for its fantastic beaches, Corfu is a great destination for sea swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. Agios Georgios Beach, in the southwest of the island is a popular family-friendly sand and pebble beach, with cafes and crystal-clear water. Chomi Beach, also known as Paradise Beach, a small beach on the island’s west coast, lives up to its nickname - a beautiful pebble beach with stunning rocky cliff views and a great place to do some snorkeling. Kontogialos Beach is another great beach on this beautiful island’s west coast – and a stunning spot to paraglide over.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Corfu

The waters surrounding Corfu are a scuba diver's paradise of exotic marine life and exciting dive sites. Corfu is a perfect place to learn to scuba dive, or to practice this sport if already trained.

Head to Kontokali Bay, just a short drive northwest along the island’s east coast from Corfu Town, to discover some magnificent underwater sites and experiences.

Acharavi Beach, in the north of the island is also a great place for scuba diving - with shipwrecks such as the Nissaki and Agni Wrecks. Slightly further away is the SS Sara Wreck, an almost 100 year old wreck, just off the shore of the small nearby island of Othonoi.

Besides Kontokali and Acharavi, Corfu has a vast amount of beautiful scuba diving locations to discover and also boasts some interesting cave dives for more experiences scuba divers.

Corfu is also a great location for snorkeling - a great family-friendly activity and a fun way to discover the marine life living along this stunning island’s shores.

Paragliding and Parasailing in Corfu

Take to the skies and see Corfu from new heights; whether by paragliding or parasailing. Both of these are great activities for friends, families and couples alike to try, to create unforgettable holiday memories.

For parasailing adventures, visit the village of Sidari in the northwest of the island, and head out on the coast there for stunning views of Albanian mountains (Albania is just across the bay) and the Canal d’Amour natural rock formation.

Dassia Beach, a 20 minutes’ drive northwest around the east coast from Corfu Town is another great spot to try some parasailing, with great views over the coastline and of Pantocrator Mountain, Corfu's highest peak, just to the North.

For paragliding, head to Glyfada or Kontogialos, two almost adjacent beaches located around 15km from Corfu Town, on the west coast of the island. Both are surrounded by cliffs, providing great take off spots and stunning scenery to paraglide over, with a spectacular mix of sand beaches, bright blue waters and views of the far-off mountains, making this a destination to visit for this activity alone.

SUP, Sea Kayaking and Wakeboarding in Corfu

Corfu is a great destination for water sports, with Dassia Beach, on the east coast of the island, a particularly great spot to visit for sports like wakeboarding, waterskiing and stand up paddle. This small pebble beach is usually well-protected from the dominant westerly winds in summer, and its crystal clear waters are the ideal place to try, learn and practice this sport.

For stand up paddle, there are a multitude of spots to try this sport around the coast of Corfu, with Dassia Beach again an ideal location. Paleokastritsa Beach on the opposite side of the island, on the west coast, is also a great location - the perfect place for a peaceful paddle along the bright blue water’s surface, or an excellent spot for some sea kayaking or canoeing to see Corfu’s marine life.

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Scuba Diving

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Kristiāna K., Latvia — 16/06/2023
I absolutely loved the activity. Diving is truly something that I would highly advise anyone who has not tried it before - it is something completely unique and beautiful.
Dunia M., Austria — 06/04/2023
I've always wanted to do this now finally found the right time and right place
Mariam A., Canada — 19/08/2022
For first-time scuba divers there’s a lot to learn and put into practice, but if you’re up for a bit of a challenge when starting it’s an amazing and fun time. Very important to remain calm and enjoy the scenery!
Andreea C., United Kingdom — 12/07/2022
So the parasailing itself is soo nice, even if you have a fear of heights, it is super chill !
Viktorija K., United Kingdom — 09/07/2022
Tried it for the first time and it was a super cool experience, an amazing feeling. It's not cheap, but worth the money would recommend trying. It's not as scary as a rollercoaster, so everyone can try and enjoy it.

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