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Preveza is a city in western Greece, in the area of Epirus. You can reach Preveza either with a ferry boat from Italy, or from Athens of Thessaloniki. The picturesque port of Preveza will leave you amazed! The wildlife combining high mountains and sandy beaches is simply magnificent.

There are plenty of stuff to do in Preveza like scuba diving, swimming, hiking and trekking or paragliding! Paragliding is the top activity in the area! You will be be astonished with the beauty of the green mountains behind this "island"city attached to the mountains of Epirus.

On the north of Preveza you will find 60 km. of unspoilt sandy beaches leading to the famous Parga village. In Parga you can expect to find exotic beaches and a picturesque village in old greek style. While getting to Parga you will find as well the famous Nicopolis - an important ancient city with magnificent ancient greek ruins remaining today.

Preveza is as well the city you're gonna pass if you're going to Lefkada by car. Make a stop and admire this jewel of western greek architecture.

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