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Scuba Diving

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Discover the activities to do in La Désirade! Accessible from Saint-François in Grande-Terre, the island of La Désirade is a site not to be missed during a trip to Guadeloupe!

Located in the east of Guadeloupe, in the Atlantic Ocean, La Désirade is an island that is 11 km long and 2 km wide. A shuttle from Saint-François in Grande-Terre allows you to get there every day, with a morning departure. When you arrive at Beauséjour, you can rent a scooter, a 4x4 or a mountain bike to visit the island easily. And for those who prefer to take their time, there are hiking trails that allow you to walk around La Désirade in complete peace. As the island is a nature reserve, you can come across its own fauna and flora, including iguanas!

A nature destination, La Désirade is also renowned for its diving spots due to its particularly rich aquatic environment, which is still very little visited. Moreover, the north and south coasts of the island will offer you completely different diving experiences! In the north, you will dive in the middle of a volcanic universe with large rocks and cavities, while in the south, you will dive on the same continental shelf as Guadeloupe and will be able to meet stingrays, leopards, morays, etc. And if you don't want to go too deep in the water, you can just snorkel on the island's beautiful white sand beaches.

The position of the island of La Désirade, on the Atlantic Ocean side, also makes it a good place to practice kitesurfing and windsurfing thanks to the winds that blow there. It is even advisable to have an intermediate level in the practice because the winds present all year long in the bays of La Désirade are not suitable for beginners.

Whether it's for a day or a little more, the island of La Désirade will charm you with its protected environment and the activities you can do there!

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