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Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

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Porto Heli is a luxurious retreat spot in Peloponese, on the bay of the Argolic Gulf. It's famous for its beautiful bay and the warm flat water ideal for all kinds of watersports.

Near the town, you will find the ruins of the ancient city of Halieis which was built in 700 BC. The remains of the wall are now partly under the sea.

Porto Heli is a famous summer resort town in Greece. Its bay offers a wonderful panorama over the ruins of the ancient city of Halieis.

In the southern part of the Argolic Gulf, the region of Aghios Aimilianos is home to a chapel from which you can see the beautiful Spetses island. Its clear and flat water will welcome you for a peaceful and relaxing moment.

Sea kayaking explorations are a nice way to discover Porto Heli and its surroundings. It's a great activity thanks to the flat water of the area and above all for those who like to paddle and relax on the beaches or simply snorkel around! Panexpeditions provide 11 km paddling excursions offering great views to Porto Heli. The sea kayak tour is accessible to everyone.

You can as well practice many other nautical activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, stand up paddling, jet skiing and many more.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are also great activities that you can do. Exploring the underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea is truly a great experience!

Porto Heli is a glamorous town that combines relaxation and aquatic sports. An excellent spot for your sporty holidays!

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