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Lake Plastiras: What to do when you get there ?

Plastiras Lake, a human intervention that managed to integrate the artificial into the natural. A magical place, where nereids find refuge in the forest, together with the sleeping beauty. A place for visitors who seek peace and tranquility, but also for those who want adventure, combining mountain and lake activities.

What are the ingredients of a Lake Plastiras escape? The natural scenery that changes with the seasons... with the four amazing seasons…
The choices of activity and entertainment for young and old include mountain bikes, paddleboats, canoes, kayaks, archery, horseback riding, mountain hiking, swimming, but also skiing at the small snow sports center at the Karamanolis site.
The cuisine of the Agrafa is inexhaustible and delicious, and the local wines are excellent, having won many distinctions and awards.

The broader area contains luxury hotels with swimming pools and spa facilities, as well as traditional guest-houses and rental rooms that are completely harmonious with the dream-like landscape of the area. Without exception, any choice of room and board is an ideal refuge of peace and relaxation, away from the stress of the city.

Plastiras lake is an attraction for thousands of visitors, the whole year round, as it offers a multitude of impressive sites, in addition to its natural beauty. Also worth seeing in the area are religious monuments of great cultural and architectural interest, monasteries, museums, the dam itself, the botanical garden, the hikers’ refuge of Agrafa, arched bridges, natural caves, as well as lookout points that offer a breathtaking panoramic view of Plastiras Lake.

Plastiras Lake is surrounded by dozens of hospitable, traditional villages. You can visit them and experience their integration with the natural environment and the fairy-tale vistas around them. Some of them are adapted to tourism, while others are almost unknown and abandoned. The one thing that’s for certain is that each has its own beauty and its own special secrets to discover.

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