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Discover what to do in Ottawa! On the border between Quebec and Ontario, Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Known for being one of the greenest capitals in the world with over 1000 parks, Ottawa is a must-see tourist spot!

The first traces of modern civilization in Ottawa date back to 1828, when Canada was not yet independent. At that time, the city was called Bytown, in honour of its founder. But for political reasons, the city was renamed Ottawa in 1855 in order to become the capital of the colony. In competition with Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City and Kingston, the change of name and its geographic location worked in its favour. Two years later, Queen Victoria of England designated Ottawa as the capital of the Province of Canada.
Only 21 years ago, an amalgamation of Ottawa and 11 municipalities formed the Ottawa we know today!

Located between Toronto and Montreal, Ottawa is perfectly situated. A few kilometres from the American border, the capital is the crossroads of many rivers: the St. Lawrence, the Ottawa, the Rideau, the Gatineau and the Prairie. Surrounded by mountains such as Mont Tremblant and lakes such as Lake Ontario, Ottawa enjoys an outstanding natural setting. With all these points of interest around it, the city has quickly become an important commercial centre throughout Canada.

Ottawa is a vibrant, modern city that never sleeps. Its many festivals and outdoor activities make the capital a perfect destination to have fun and enjoy the carefree Canadian lifestyle. Committed to ecology and sustainability, Ottawa has an "emerald necklace", which refers to the hundreds of parks in the city that maintain a healthy, green urbanization.

Now that you know all about Canada's capital, find out what to do in Ottawa! Thanks to its exceptional natural setting, there are many activities to do in the air, on the water and on the mountains!

From the skies over Ottawa, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Ontario, Montreal, the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve and the Ottawa River. Everyone will be there! Take off in a helicopter, hot air balloon, biplane, paraglider or hang glider. And yes, the list is long! Back on land, discover the rivers and fast waters of the region during canyoning or rafting. To keep with the theme of water activities, the Ottawa River, which runs through Ottawa, offers you some unique activities. Boat rides, kayaking, jet skiing and kite surfing are all available, something for the young and old alike, and for thrill seekers and nature lovers alike! In winter, when the river freezes over, get out the ice skates and enjoy a real natural ice rink, stroll through the city and live a magical moment that will remain engraved in your memories!

Discover Ottawa and its surroundings by visiting the region by dog sled and get up close and personal with the local flora in Canada's great forests. If you're looking for more excitement, hop on a buggy or snowmobile, depending on the season, and hit the Ontario trails at full speed! For the more adventurous, head 30 minutes north of the capital to take the plunge... bungee jumping! Next to Mount Cascade and its golf course, enjoy a unique experience that will knock your socks off!

After a good day of activities, it's time to discover the city of Ottawa. What better way to do this than to take a zip line over the city! Bike rides are also available to visit the mythical districts and squares of the Canadian capital!

So much to do in Ottawa! And now that you know everything, you can't wonder what to do in Ottawa. The hardest part will be knowing where to start!

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Kasia H., Canada — 14/05/2024
We didn't know what to expect, having never gone on one of these trips. From the get go we were extremely happy. Firstly having booked the trip we could add more people without needing to cancel. Then on the big day we were met by incredibly, funny, helpful, friendly yet professional people. Our 5 year old who was quite grumpy within an hour was the happiest child in the world, and by days end was referring to the guide uncle Eric. The trip was quite challenging with a lot of falls, rapids, adventures, yet fun. We felt like we were on a trip with friends not an organized excursion. Eric was brilliant
jennifer C., United States — 15/01/2024
We had so much fun. The dogs were so friendly and loved to be pet. The trail was beautiful. The guides were very friendly and told us a lot about the dogs and their training. Definitely dress in warm clothes.
Rayxa Q., United States — 08/01/2024
The Activity was amazing. First time Dog sledding went in a large group. Had enough dogs to accomodate us and they knew it was our first time and found other options during unforseen weather conditions.
sheila M., Canada — 28/08/2022
The pilot was very knowledgeable and courteous and was able to educate us as to what we needed to know.
Aviva S., Canada — 21/01/2024
Really fun, unique experience

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