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Top 10 Activities To Do in Rhodes

Discover the top 10 activities to do in Rhodes, Greece's largest Dodecanese island, where history, natural beauty, and thrilling activities await.

Activities in Tenerife: the roof of Spain

Fly, jump, swim and enjoy the activities of Tenerife! Get to know the bottom of the sea by snorkelling or the majestic Teide peak by paragliding.

Activities in Gran Canaria: the miniature continent

Enjoy Gran Canaria and its activities! Discover its dunes from the air, experience adrenaline-filled adventures and explore like a bird in a paraglider.

Activities to do in Guadeloupe for a dream trip

Part of the volcanic arc of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, Guadeloupe is a dream destination in the heart of the Caribbean Windward Islands.

A Beginner's Guide to Kitesurfing

In this Beginner's Guide to Kitesurfing, we'll answer your questions: who can kitesurf? how to learn to kitesurf?

Top Outdoor Adventure Activities near London

Want to get out of the Big Smoke? Looking for some adventure, check out our pick of the top 5 most exhilarating adventure activities near London!

10 Outdoor Activities to Get Fit After Christmas

Here's our selection for you to feel energized, tone up, and get back in shape with 10 outdoor activities to do after Christmas!

The Best Outdoor Activities in Martinique

Canyoning, Surfing, Diving... Here is our selection of the best outdoor activities in Martinique, to definitely succumb to its charm!

Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Mauritius

When it comes to things to do in Mauritius, tourists are often spoilt for choice. Here's a list of 10 activities to do in Île Maurice!

Top 10 Outdoor Activities to Try in Spain

Check out this list of the top 10 outdoor activities to try in Spain! Discover paragliding, diving in Ibiza, bungee jumping and more.

Top outdoor activities in and around Marseille

Some ideas for activities in the city of Marseille if you are a fan of adventure and thrills.

Top 10 Adventure Sports in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is an outdoor sports paradise: from skydiving to surfing, paragliding or sea kayaking.

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Kitesurfing

France’s 2017 champion in Kiteboard Freestyle and N.6 in the world rankings, Maureen Castelle gives us her 10 best reasons to start kiteboarding !

5 Top Spots to Learn Kitesurfing in Europe

The perfect kiteboarding destination for beginners in Europe during summertime can be hard to find, as the sport grows, so does the number of must-visit locations all over the world