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Chania is one of the most picturesque coastal harbour towns in northern Greece. The second largest city in western Crete is divided into two parts- the old town and the modern, new town. The latter of which locals now work, live, and go to school.

The ports of Chania have been in use since the 14th century, making it a spectacular location to visit for history lovers. It is also close enough to Heraklion to spend a day going to visit Knossos Palace and Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Chania can be reached by plane, or by boat from the port of Piraeus, near Athens. Ferries also depart daily to and from the island of Minotaur.

Fun fact- Chania is actually the hometown of American actress Jennifer Aniston's father, John Aniston. His original last name, Anastasakis, was anglicized to 'Aniston' upon his parent's immigration to the United States.

Old Town

Walk the narrow cobblestone streets through old town, and discover Greek culture and ancient history of the island. Painted blue window shutters and micro balconies color the walls on either side, and tiny cafes line the walkways. Sweet, colorful Grecian island cats run through the streets and doze in the sun here. Browse handmade crafts made by locals and find unique seaside souvenirs to take home.

The old town was once home to many different people, including the Turkish. This beautiful preserved area is surrounded by giant defensive Venetian walls, and show evidence of inhabitation since as early as 4500 BC. These walls have been rebuilt several times, most recently in the 16th century by the Venetians.

A popular place to go out in the evenings is Daliani street. Restaurants and bars such as Pitses Ble and Kibar are very popular for their specialized cocktails and lush outdoor spaces. “The Well of the Turk” is also a well-known spot to find romantic meals for two. You can find more recommended bars and restaurants through Niriis Hotel.

There are plentiful supply of museums to visit in old town, including Archeological Museum of Chania in Saint Francis Monastery.There is also a Folklore museum, the Nautical Museum of Crete, and the Museum of Chemistry (and more!)

Chania Marina and Old Harbour

Just outside the streets of old town, stroll along the edges of the city where the sea meets the port. Visitors can ride in horse-drawn carriages next to the water and see the famous 14th Chania lighthouse, and the Agios Nikolaos church. Choose to stop whenever you fancy at a dockside restaurant for a Greek seafood meal.

Most of the restaurants along the shore have outside seating. Enjoy the warm breeze and sunshine while feasting on traditional Greek food. Local favorites to eat include fresh octopus, sardines, calamari, and mussels, served with a basket of soft bread and butter. After an entree, feast on honey-drenched baklava and coffee.

The Mosque of the Janissaries

Visit the Mosque of the Janissaries, also known as Kucjk Hassan Mosque. This beautiful mosque is the oldest remaining Ottoman structure on the island of Chania. The mosque was first constructed in the 17th century when the Turks ruled over the region. While it no longer has any religious function, it remains a landmark sight because of its historical value, beautiful interior, and convenient waterfront cafe.

Visit the Pink Beach of Crete - Elafonissi

A favorite beach to see for visitors is Elafonissi, also known as the pink beach. The color of the sand is a rosy pastel color due to the coral washing up on shore. With crystal clear waters, its the ultimate instagrammable beach spot.

Boating trips to remote beautiful beaches

A favorite activity in Chania is to book a boating tour. The beaches you will visit by boat, such as Lligas, and Glyka Nera, are only accessible by sea. Often, these beaches will have very few other people on them. The waters are a pristine, beautiful, turquoise and are surrounded by caves you can swim to. The boats can take you to other small waterfront towns, such as Loutro. Loutro has the colloquially white and blue painted Greek buildings, set just in front of a deep, clear bay of gorgeous blue waters. It’s the perfect town to have lunch in.


Chania offers a plethora of adventure activities whether by sea, sky, or land.

Water Adventures

Take the opportunity while in Greece to scuba dive in the crystal-blue waters. Take surfing lessons, go coasteering, or sea kayaking for a view of the coastline. Stand-up paddle board, or take a diving cave tour to Elephant Cave.

Land Adventures

Explore Chania by horseback, or go hiking for the day. Jeep tours are also available for a relaxing, yet fun way to see the sights.

Go Airborne

Chania is an epic place to go paragliding. There is no better way to see all of Chania at once, while gliding through the breezy skies of Greece.

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Adam D., United Kingdom — 29/06/2023
Absolutely incredible! Very smooth and easy. If you're apprehensive you needn't be, it feels very chill and safe.
Christie L., Hong Kong SAR China — 21/07/2022
As 1st time beginners, me and my sis had a really great time trying out 1st waves. That day was a bit windy, we were brought to a nearby beach with 2 other students. Our instructor was very warm and nice and taught us with a nice flow on safety first, then the real surfing knowledge. In the sea, it was a bit messy at first becuz we dont know what we were doing, but we got the hang of it when we felt the waves a few times, and the instructor was very patient with us. It was very very fun.
Ryan D., Austria — 26/06/2022
The paddle boarding was fun in crystal clear water we got to go along the coast and then paddle out and explore a nearby island where we spent some time swimming around looking at the fish.
Petter M., Norway — 18/06/2022
The ride up to the mountain by car is really beautiful, and the pragliding is amazing, would recommend it to everyone :)
Danila B., Russia — 10/08/2019
It is amazing and unbelievable experience! Here you can fly like eagle with unforgettable feeling of freedom.

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