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Punta Pellaro is a fantastic beach only 3 km away from Reggio Calabria airport in south of Italy, and 10 km from the city center. It has become a renowned area that is widely appreciated by kiters and windsurfers from all over Europe.

The weather conditions are outstanding: 300 days of wind a year, warm waters and long summers! The spot is right in the middle of the Messina channel between Sicily and Calabria, offering an incredible view of the Etna Volcano.

The wildness of the spot has been preserved: a great sight for naturalists and water sports fans. The beach is also known as 'little Brazil' because of the contrast between the white fine sand and the sparkling turquoise waters.

The wind never keeps you waiting, blowing strongly from sunrise to sunset, it blows side shore and on shore, making it an ideal spot to progress quickly and safely.

You can also discover the sea depths scuba diving in the centers nearby! The marine life is very rich: it is not rare to spot dolphins, moonfish, and turtles swimming side by side to kitesurfers and windsurfers... what’s more special than that?

The surrounding mountains offer a wide range of different activities, as mountain biking and hiking excursions. From the high peaks it is possible to paraglide, enjoying an aerial view over the canal.

In Reggio Calabri you also can practice skydiving: an adrenaline hit that you will hardly forget.

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