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Bonifacio is a city in southern Corsica located only 30 minutes drive from Porto-Vecchio. It is without question the best spot to practice kitesurfing on all the island.

Built on a limestone cliff of more than 1 500 m long and 100 m wide, the city is a very unique place to visit. The old medieval city was fortified during Genoan rule. The citadel aimed to protect the city from Sarracens invasions. Its incredible ramparts and houses-fortresses demonstrate the ancient military function of the city.

The Strait of Bonifacio is classified Natural Reserve since 1999. This classification aims to preserve and promote the coastal and maritime heritage of the Strait. The heritage comprises the limestone cliffs and numerous remarkable species including the bottlenose dolphin, the basking shark, the fin whale, and the European shag. Markes trails are available to allow you to explore for example the Lavezzi islands from Bonifacio.

Bonifacio is an inevitable spot in Corsica for all the kitesurfing lovers. The idyllic beaches et the ideal weather allow you to practice and learn this sliding water sport in an exceptional setting. The kitesurfing school Corsica Kiteboarding offers kitesurfing private lessons, courses, and holidays in supervised navigation. So you have plenty of choice according to your level! Beginners will have the chance to benefit from private lessons in shallow water, while advanced and expert kitesurfers can progress in deep water or take private coaching.

If you are not into kitesurfing, don't worry, there are many other outdoor activities to do in Bonifacio such as windsurfing, stand up paddling, scuba diving, hiking, cycling, rock climbing... and the list goes on and on!

Bonifacio is a very unique place to visit, especially for those who enjoy kitesurfing!

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Tim B., United States — 07/06/2024
My wife and I loved it! The swells were fun to paddle in and the islands were beautiful. Our guide was awesome and provided a lot of information about the islands and sea life. We definitely recommend this trip if you are looking for something adventurous.
Vanaf de boot een spectaculair uitzicht op de kust met de mooie stranden en rotsformatie. En niet te vergeten op Bonifatio
Leuke namiddag gehad.
Federica V., Italy — 04/08/2023
Very beautiful
Super ballade en bateau en bateau rapide en petit groupe. Cette ballade est un incontournable.

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