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Ajaccio is a city located on the west coast of Corsica, a French island situated in the Mediterranean Sea, 390 km from Marseille. It is an ideal spot for outdoor activities such as scuba diving and canyoning. Ajaccio is well-known as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, former French Emperor. His house has been converted into a museum that is open for the public to visit. It was also the first city liberated during the Second World War.

The charming white sand beaches and creeks in Ajaccio and its surroundings are a true haven. Along the Gulf of Ajaccio, Trottel and Ariadne beaches can be found along the way to the famous Sanguinaire islands, a natural reserve and real Corsican paradise! On the other side of the Gulf, you can have a break on Marina Viva beach. From there, you will have an amazing view over the Sanguinaire islands. For more intimate spots, the ideal settings are the Piana and Girolata creeks, at only 90 min drive from Ajaccio. After an exhausting day, chill out at these beautiful spots and look at the wonderful sunset.

From April to October, the 2,5-ha A Capulatta Park located in the north of Ajaccio welcomes visitors who are eager to discover the hidden life of turtles and tortoises. Live a unique experience around 130 different species and over 2,000 wild animals from all over the world.

Ajaccio is located near the Mediterranean Sea, making it the perfect place to practice a large variety of water sports. The most sensational ones are flyboarding, hoverboarding and jetpacking. Flyboarding is the best activity if you want to experience exciting thrills and jetpacking allows you to fly up to 10 meters above water. Hoverboarding is made for those who want to ride just above the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Ajaccio.

You can also take a plunge at Porto Ota, at 1h50 min drive from Ajaccio. The Centre de Plongée du Golfe de Porto offers scuba diving sessions for beginners and guided adventure dives. The Gulf of Ajaccio is home to an incredible variety of sea animals. You will maybe have the chance to admire a dolphin, a sperm whale or a rorqual!

If you are not into water sports, you can go to La Richiusa near Ajaccio, one of the most famous canyons in Corsica. This canyon is located in the Migliarella mountain range, right next to the village of Bocognano. It is accessible for everyone and the instructors will be pleased to guide you through the cliffs and magical scenery.

From the city centre of Ajaccio, you can also go trekking at the well-known Sentier des Crêtes. The hiking trail is 48 km long and is perfect for experienced hikers. It offers breathtaking panoramas over the Gulf of Ajaccio!

From the water to the land, Ajaccio and its surroundings offer activities for every taste!

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Tim A., Netherlands — 16/09/2023
We had a lot of fun, saw octopus, sea star, sea cucumber and all kinds of colorful fish. We were with two and one of us got sea sick the second half, but despite that it was still fun.
Fred M., United States — 23/07/2023
Most challenging, invigorating and different dive ever!
Konstantin N., Israel — 26/09/2018
Izaskun O., France — 08/06/2024
Très belle activité à faire. Nous nous sommes partis depuis Ajaccio pour voir l'heure du coucher de soleil. On a eu le temps de se balader et faire le petit apéro.
Samira Z., France — 07/05/2024
La randonnée a été très agréable et le guide a été top

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