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Rovaniemi Finland is a town just on the edge of the arctic circle and belongs to Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland. Rovaniemi is probably the most talked about destination for solo travelers, couples and families to travel to in Scandinavia for winter vacations. If you are looking for adventure activities in Santa Claus’s hood, Rovaniemi offers an ultimate array of invigorating guided tours and fun in the snow.

Did you know that Rovaniemi is actually Santa Claus's hometown? While he is likely to be stuffing himself with eggnog and candy canes, paying a visit to Santa is at the top of most traveler's list (especially those with children!). Santa's house is about 5 miles (8km) from the airport, so take a quick stop to thank him for all the amazing gifts he leaves under your tree (or for all the coal).

Rovaniemi is well-known for having a welcoming vibe. Finnish people you must know- they are incredibly nice and friendly! They thoroughly enjoy life in this harsh but unbelievably gorgeous climate, and it shows in how they treat tourists and guests. Many, if not all the activities are family-run, and unique to Finnish culture.

One of the most special things about Rovaniemi is the incredible scenery. You will never see such a snow-soaked and stark-white landscape as this. Quaint village huts and hotels line the streets, reindeer trudge through the snow, and just past the boundaries of the city lay the vast Taiga outback. This forest looks almost alien-like against a pastel backdrop of the sunsets and sunrises.

Once you’ve had enough of Santa stealing all your cookies and milk, there are plenty of exciting things for you to experience. From dog sledding with gorgeous huskies, riding snowmobiles through the whitewashed Finnish back country, to floating in arctic waters while gazing up at the Northern lights, Check out the highest rated activities sure to brighten up even the shortest days of your vacation in the Arctic circle.

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Blanca L., Spain — 04/04/2024
It was amazing, the place was so beautiful, the dogs were really nice, the feeling, the experience. It was one of the most beautiful things that I´ve ever did in my life.
Tomás O., Ireland — 29/03/2024
It was great fun, and I appreciated that we were probably allowed out there for longer than 30 minutes.
Marina R., Germany — 15/03/2024
The owners are super nice. At first we got to know their siberian Huskys. Beautiful and very kind animals. It was so much fun spending some time with them before the ride began. After we received the instructions on how to steer the sled we had a beautiful and long ride over the frozen lake. It was reall magical. After the ride we could again spend some time with the playful dogs and came together at a fireplace to drink some tea and ask all the questions we had. I really would recommend this acitivity.
Cynthia Z., Netherlands — 22/02/2024
It was fantastic the dogs where very enthusiastic and ot was just a great experience
Cadhla K., Ireland — 17/02/2024
This activity was lots of fun for all the family, our tour guide was great fun and really helped the kids to enjoy themselves

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