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Kogelberg Nature Reserve: What to do when you get there ?

Explore one of the most untouched and protected areas of South Africa with a visit to Kogelberg Nature Reserve. This World Heritage Site is often considered the heart of the Western Cape.

Kogelberg Nature Reserve is called a naturalist’s paradise due to its exceptional diversity and quality of fynbos, which is why it should come as no surprise that this exclusive spot has become a hub for extreme sport and adventure outings.

One of the most popular activities in Kogelberg Nature Reserve is canyoning in Kamikaze Kanyon. This natural playground boasts a plethora of jumps that range from 3 to 22 metres and an exceptional waterfall abseil of 65 metres! What could be more exhilarating that exploring the gorges and ravines surrounded by lush mountain fynbos.

Want an activity to really get your heart thumping? Then why not travel out to Seal Island, situated an hour from the reserve. Seal Island reverse an abundance of surprises for extreme sports fans and nature lovers.

Come and witness the great white shark breaching in its most natural form in an unspoilt habitat! Located only 50 km from the heart of the reserve, False Bay at Seal Island is renowned for its rare breed of great white sharks that behave differently than anywhere along the South African coastline. This is mostly due to the ideal topographic structure around the island, allowing the great white to be stealthier and attack its prey by ‘flying’ out of the water.

Want to get closer to this tremendous beast? Then opt for a shark cage dive. Visit Geyser and Dyer Island, the former is home to a permanent colony of approximately 40,000 Cape fur seals. The channel between these islands is internally renowned to be the best place to observe, encounter and cage dive with the great white shark and is known as ‘Shark Alley’.

Maybe water sports are more your thing? Then go for a white water rafting excursion in the Palmiet River. The river tumbles through the Fynbos covered mountains of the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, just outside Kleinmond, about an hour's drive from Cape Town. The river, albeit a friendly stream during summer months becomes an exciting white water adventure during the winter. The rapids vary between 1-4, easy to challenging, depending on water level.

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