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Crowning the impressive mountain range of the Massif de Bavella, in the enigmatic island of Corsica, the Aiguilles de Bavella is the jewel of the Alta Rocca region of an island as old as time.

Situated at the southern part of the island of Corsica, Alta Rocca has over 9000 years of history. The paths of time can me tracked back to the Paleolithic era, making Corsica one of the oldest places where man has settled.

Known as the Land of Lords during the Middle Age, Alta Rocca is formed by 16 villages that seem frozen in time. While discovering these villages in the order you want, you will notice each one is more beautiful than the previous one.

Standing over the southern part of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, the Aiguilles de Bavella is the most emblematic landmars in the area. Located next the little town of Quenza and an hour and half drive from historic Porto-Vecchio, the seven peaks stand at heights of 1588 m to 1855 m, and the tallest of the “needles” (aiguilles) is Punta Alta. Thought the Aiguilles de Bavella is the most well know mountain range in this region, the highest point is bit north with Punta di u Furnelle and Punta Muvrareccia (both at 1899 m).

The variety of mountain formation in the area has made the Aiguilles an authentic dream for climbers. Conquering the peak of each needle is a challenge for the bold, offering walls ranging from 5b all the way to 7b, the Aiguilles of Bavella is, without a doubt, one of the top climbing spots in Europe. Punta di l’Acellu, the less challenging option, offers different routes depending on the length, but Punta Rosa, for example, will make you for it!

A bit north from the Aiguilles, you will find Chisa. There, climbing enthusiast can engage in a simpler, but not any less energetic, expedition on a via ferrata. Accessible to children as young as 12, this is an excellent way to get in touch first handed with awesome world of rock climbing and mountaineering.

Mixing techniques applied at the mountains with a lot of splashing fun, canyoning is always an excellent way to really discover the nature of a region. The Aiguilles of Bavella, with its whimsical geography, are no exception to this. Just on the Massif of Bavella you can encounter three canyons (Pulischellu, Vacca, and Purcaraccia) with different characteristics, but all incredibly fun!

The Col of Bavella, a mountain pass that divides Aléria and Sartène, is along the Cols of Vergio, Vizzavona and Verde the Four Great Cols of Bavella. In the world of mountain biking, Col de Bavella is well known, especially for its final eastern slope’s last 7 km. that prove a challenge to all biking who experience them.

Finally, one of the most important activities to do in Corsica, if not the most, is the GR-20 hiking trail. A 180 km. footpath that goes from north to south of Corsica which has a challenging stage near the Aiguilles, the GR-20 is considered one of the best trails in the world. People flock out to try and conquer this trail that takes normally 15 days to complete!

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Delphine T., Belgium — 13/07/2024
The perfect experience to challenge and overcome your fear of heights, thrilling!
Nicole C., Belgium — 16/09/2023
The day went by so quickly because it was so beautiful and so much fun! I could not have hoped for a better experience
Heidi V., Belgium — 25/07/2023
Great experience! Excitement for the whole family! Great way to enjoy the nature of the Alta Rocca.
Mathieu V., Belgium — 23/06/2023
Very nice experience. We have chosen the inition optio, I thought it was going to be a bit boring, but it was actually very exciting. Never felt too risky thanks to the professional guidance of Frédéric. Definitely a must-do!
Frederik S., Netherlands — 26/07/2022
We wanted do something active on the beautiful island and push ourselves a little, and we got exactly what we wanted! The reception by the organization was warm and kind, the hike (rather, climb) was beautiful and gave us a sunrise over the mountains and the guides were awesome! We had fun, exercise and adventure!

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