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The Picos de Europa National Park is a Spanish national park of 67,455 hectares located in the Cantabrian mountain range in the provinces of Asturias, Leon and Cantabria. Depicting the ecosystems linked to the Atlantic forest and includes the largest limestone formation in Atlantic Europe.

The western massif was declared a national park on July 22, 1918 by Alfonso XIII under the name of "Mountain National Park of Covadonga", the first protected area in the country. In 2003, it was decled by UNESCO as Bioshpere Reserve.

Today the National Park Picos de Europa is the second most visited of Spain. This is the perfect place for adrenaline hunters who are in the search of their next adventure.

The mountainous national park has three important peaks: Andara (Eastern Massif), Urrielles (Central Massif) and Cornion (Weastern Massif). Together they make up the highest peaks of the Cantabrian Mountains.

Throughout the year you’ll spot mountain sports lovers trying to conquer the highest peaks of the massifs. Climbers, trekkers, mountaineers and even mountain bikers try, year by year, to get to the 2.648 metres high peak Torrecerrado in Urrielles.

The rivers Dobra, Sella and Cares traverse the mountainous territory all the way to the sea. Their water has carved and dissolved the limestone of the summit, forming awesome embedded canyons and caves.

You can enjoy rafting and kayaking adventures in the rapids and streams that run through. Or venture in a canyoning or caving itinerary in the countless ravines that hide in between the summits.

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Via Ferrata

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Andrea T., Spain — 05/06/2023
El monitor fue atento y cercano. Nos ayudo mucho, era ña primera vez que hacíamos barrancos. Fue muy divertida y repetiremos!
Rui R., Portugal — 11/06/2021
A via ferrata that must be in every adventure seeker bucket list.
Megan M., United States — 16/05/2019
This was a really fun way to spend an afternoon in the Picos.
Renata P., Netherlands — 09/08/2023
It was amazing experience!
Peter T., United Kingdom — 06/08/2023
Great range of experiences

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