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Drama is a city located in north-west Greece, in the East Macedonia and Thrace region. It's only 40 km away from Kavala, near the Aegean Sea, and at the foot of Falakro mountain.

It's a historical city which was fortified with a castle by the Byzantine Empire. If you want to know all about the town's history, you can visit the Archeological museum which covers human presence in the region from the mid Paleolithic Period up to modern times.

The city of Drama was built at the foot of the Falakro mountain, its highest peak is 2,232 m above the sea level. The mountain has a ski resort which is the biggest of the region with 20 pistes which are 17 km long. The winter season lasts a long time in this area and you can even practice night-time skiing on Saturday evenings. In addition, the snow is of high quality, so go skiing, snowboarding, or any other winter sports you fancy!

The hills surrounding the town allow you to practice paragliding. With Ermis Fly, you will enjoy breathtaking views over Drama and mount Falakro, while flying with a certified instructor with many years of experience. Fly away at 350 metres above the sky and feel the cool breeze on your face!

Drama is a charming Greek city where you can experience amazing thrills!

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